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Free GRASSHOPPER Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Grasshopper coloring sheets are a great way to lift your mood on a hard day. They’re one of the most recognizable and least threatening bugs in existence. Grasshoppers are often portrayed with friendly smiles and adorable round faces with protruding eyes. Others are shown working away underground, giving you a glimpse into their natural habitats. If you’re looking for fun animals to color, grasshoppers should top your list.

Welcome to our collection of free GRASSHOPPER coloring pages. Click the Grasshopper pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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The Life of a Grasshopper

Grasshoppers are the hopping insects that many children enjoy chasing around the yard or local park. They’re often thought of as green insects commonly found in flowerbeds and gardens, but they aren’t always green. You can find grasshoppers that appear more yellow or golden, and some are even brown. Most of these insects also feature red or yellow markings on their bodies.

You may notice some coloring pages that feature grasshoppers busy at work below hard ground. These insects are skilled diggers. They even lay eggs underground so that they’re safe from being stepped on by humans or discovered by predators.

When they aren’t digging, grasshoppers use their strong legs to leap into the air. They even have wings and can fly away when they feel threatened. These hind legs are also used to make music by rubbing against their forewings. Perhaps you’ve heard some of the soothing and upbeat sounds often made by grasshoppers.

Are Grasshoppers Pests?

Grasshoppers are sometimes considered pests because they consume a lot of plant matter. When they show up in a garden or on a farm in large numbers, they can decimate crops quickly. Many farmers work hard to keep grasshoppers away from their plants, but that doesn’t stop children from happily chasing them around their backyard. It’s all a matter of perspective.

The Fun of Grasshopper Coloring Pages

Grasshopper coloring pages will take you into the world of these interesting insects from the comfort and safety of your home, office, or school. You can color them authentic colors with any shade of green or brown, but it’s also fun to see what a pink or purple grasshopper might look like. You may even get creative and create a rainbow or tie-dye grasshopper. It’s all up to your creativity.

What to Do with Printable Grasshopper Coloring Sheets

You can use printable grasshopper coloring pages in many ways, including:

  • Education for children
  • Entertainment for older adults
  • Entertainment for kids away from home

Let’s take a look at a few of these applications in greater depth to show you the many possibilities of putting grasshopper coloring sheets to work for your family.

Teach Kids About Grasshoppers

Teachers may print grasshopper coloring pages to introduce the insects to children. Parents can present the same education at home. Just look up some interesting facts about grasshoppers and talk to your kids about those facts while they learn to write the insect’s name on the top of the sheet. Then, the coloring fun begins.

Grasshopper Fun for Older Adults

Older adults may remember chasing grasshoppers in their younger years. They may also find grasshoppers enjoyable because they don’t have a lot of detail on their bodies and are easy to color. Some may go with solid green, while others try to color in the eyes, wings, legs, and other small body parts that make this insect interesting.

Coloring Grasshoppers as a Family

Grasshoppers are relatable insects for every member of the family. They’re just as enjoyable for children as teenagers and adults of all ages. You can print out a small stack of grasshopper pictures or mix them up with other insect coloring pages. Family fun doesn’t get much simpler.

Printable Grasshopper Coloring Pages

Printing grasshopper coloring pages is the best way to keep kids occupied doing something fun and productive when they can’t get outside to run and play. They may later see a grasshopper outside and remember everything they learned about the insect.


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