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Free CATERPILLAR Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free CATERPILLAR coloring pages. Click the CATERPILLAR pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every CATERPILLAR coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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There are over 180,000 species of caterpillars across the globe. You can find caterpillars in areas with vegetation, including fields, gardens, forests, or lawns. While the life of the caterpillar is about metamorphosis, I find that even before they make their transition into a butterfly or moth, they exhibit stunning colors. What makes caterpillars so unique, is the expansive mix of colors and patterns that you see on caterpillars in the wild. The great thing about looking at caterpillars and drawing inspiration from them is that you can find them in your backyard.There’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to coloring caterpillars. Depending on the species and where you come across them, you can usually find several different colors in one.When it comes to coloring vibrant insects, caterpillars are one of my favorites.

A Kaleidoscope of Color

Caterpillars come in almost every color imaginable. I found that the blends of colors and patterns make each different color page more exciting than the last one.There are so many intricate parts on caterpillars, from their bodies, feelers, and extra fuzzy appendages. Teaching children the different types of caterpillars and how they develop through coloring pages can be a great way to teach them how caterpillars develop. I find that the colorful, fuzzy caterpillars are the most fun color. They’ve got so many different patterns and feelers that make them look almost otherwordly. I found caterpillar coloring pages that are great for students learning about how caterpillars develop. You can choose from the different styles and types of caterpillars, depending on how intricate you want to get with your coloring.

Following the Transformation

When it comes to coloring caterpillars, I’ve found that all stages of the caterpillars have their intricacies. From the time when they develop from larva to colorful and unique caterpillars, to when they begin to form their cacoon, there are different ways to express your creativity when coloring them.Once the caterpillar forms the cacoon, depending on the species, they have different colored and textured cacoons. Colringing in the intricate lines and blending the colors is something that I find relaxing. Caterpillar cacoons are so intricate that there are lines and different shades of color that you may miss when first looking at them. That’s why using coloring pages that span from the beginning of the life of a caterpillar to the time when it transforms into a butterfly or a moth can be a big eye-opener to students.While many may think that all cacoons are the same, that is not the case. Cacoons are designed to be camouflaged. They form different patterns, designs, and shapes depending on the environment that the caterpillar calls its habitat. When coloring in a cacoon some different textures and colors need to be blended.I’ve found that when coloring cacoons, you not only get to color the intricate design that keeps the caterpillar safe while it transforms, but you can also draw the caterpillar as it emerges from the cocoon as a butterfly or a moth.As with the life of a caterpillar, drawing the steady transformation of the cacoon can allow you to utilize different colors. When it comes to coloring cartoons, you have the advantage of being able to color in texture. Cacoons have a hard shell to protect the caterpillar as it develops, that shell changes over time with different textures. While many times you picture a cacoon being brown, depending on the species of caterpillar, they can have several different colors and textures, making them unique.

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