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How to Draw a Dove in 9 Easy Steps

Final steps in drawing a dove with colors.

Did you know that doves work together to make their nest? Yes, you heard that right! The male dove collects the materials then the female wove them together to make a nest. And while the female dove makes their nest, the male dove then supervises the construction while protecting her partner. We may be seeing doves around but, there are a lot of things we don’t commonly know about them.

Share this interesting fact with your kid and encourage them to draw a dove today. Just follow these simple steps! 

How to Draw a Dove

Final steps in drawing a dove with colors.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Head and Body

Draw the head and the body.

Let’s get started by drawing two different shapes. Draw a perfect small circle on the upper part of the paper. This will serve as the head. Then, draw an oval shape overlapping its lower part on the circle shape you’ve drawn earlier. This oval shape will serve as the body of the dove.

Step 2: Draw the Neck and Wings

Draw the neck and the wings of the dove.

The next thing that we need to draw is the neck and wings of the dove. Let’s draw an oval shape that will intersect with the big oval that we drew earlier. Then, make a curved line from the right side of the small circle, going down to the oval shape. That will serve as the neck.

Step 3: Clean up and Start the Leg

Draw the eyes and the legs.

Before we start adding details, make sure you erase the lines that overlap with each other. Now, let’s draw a smaller circle on the upper part of the head. This smaller circle will serve as the eye of our dove. Below the oval shape, which is the body of the dove, make two short curved lines for the legs.

Step 4: Add the Beak and Eye

Draw the beak and the eye detail.

This time let’s draw a beak. The beak is a hard and pointed part of a bird’s mouth. Draw a triangle shape facing down from the head. For the eyes, draw a shaded crescent moon shape in the smaller circle on the head. And that’s it for this step!

Step 5: Start the legs and Toes

Draw the leg details and toes.

For the toes, add another two short curved lines on the lower part of the oval shape. Make sure the two curve lines will go together, same with the other pair. Then, erase the extra lines on the wing.

Step 6: Draw the other Wing

Draw the other wing.

To complete the wings, first, we must remove a little part from the oval shape in the lower part of it. From the oval shape that we remove draw a semi triangle to form a wing. That wing is what we call the primary remiges or wing flight. At the tip of the two legs draw a gill shape to help us draw the claws of the dove.

Step 7: Add details to the Feet

Draw the toes of the dove.

In this step, Draw the foot using a curved line that repeatedly doubles back on itself, forming an X shape. And then, draw a small, curved triangle at the end of each toe to indicate the claws.

Step 8: Add details to the Wing

Draw the feathers of the dove.

For the details of the wings, connect the curve lines from the upper part of the wings and the lower portion of the body. Draw a series of connected curved lines from the wing to the tail. Place additional curve within the tail.

Step 9: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing a dove with colors.

Good Job! You made it! Now, make your drawing more beautiful by coloring all the parts of the dove. Make it more beautiful/ handsome as you. After that feel free to show outputs to your family.


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