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How to Draw a Flamingo in 12 Easy Steps

Flamingos have excellent hearing but a poor sense of smell. Their feathers lose their color soon after being shed and flamingos love having company. More than one million lesser flamingos may gather in East Africa, forming the largest bird flock. For them to fly, they must run a few paces to gain enough speed to fly. This speed is determined by the air rather than the ground, they normally take off facing the wind. Flamingos are easily recognized in flight, with their long necks spread out in front and equally long legs trailing behind. Their outstretched wings display lovely black, red, and pink colors. They flap their wings fast and virtually continuously when flying. They frequently fly in big groups, as they do with most other flamingo behaviors. The flamingos stick close together and use a variety of patterns to take advantage of the wind currents.

This step-by-step tutorial will help you achieve your flamingo. All you have to do is to follow the simple step below.

Step 1: Draw the Head and Body

The Flamingo’s head is small, so we will draw a small size of oblong shape. Draw this on the upper left part of your paper. After that, draw a big horizontal teardrop shape on the lower portion. The head and body must have a little distance for the next instruction.

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Step 2: Add the Neck

This time we will add the neck of your flamingo. To do this, on the lower right portion of the head, draw a slanting line then slightly curved on the middle part until it reaches the edge connecting to the body of the flamingo. 

Step 3: Complete the Neck

Let’s complete the neck by adding lines to it. On the right side of the head, draw a short, curved line then continue with a slanting line and a little curved on the bottom part until it reaches the body of the flamingo.

Step 4: Draw the Eye Guide and Remove Extra Line

For the eye guide of your flamingo, we will be using a small oblong shape. To do this, draw an oblong shape on the upper center of the head. Then remove the line that separates the neck and the head.

Step 5: Add the Beak

Start the beak by drawing a curve that overlaps the left side of the head. Then continue the curved line with a slanting line that goes down after that, bend a little to emphasize the beak. To enclose the beak, just simply follow the line that you made but this time it strokes up and continues the line until it reaches the opposite side of the curved line. The beak has a wide space on the upper portion and a small space on the bottom part.

Step 6: Add the Eyeball and Remove Extra Lines

This time we will be working on the eyeball of the flamingo. Draw a shaded crescent shape inside the eye guide you made earlier. Then erase the curve line inside the beak of your flamingo. 

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Step 7: Draw the Wings

A Flamingo can’t fly without its wings. Now let’s draw wings for your flamingo. Draw a curve line from the left-back portion of the flamingo and slightly going down. Then from that line, draw an up-down stroke until it reaches the right side body portion. 

Step 8: Add the Tail and Remove Extra Line

The Flamingo has a cute tail. So, in this step, we will just draw a zigzag line for the tail. From the upper right part of the body start drawing an up-down stroke then stop until you reach three spiky things.

Step 9: Draw the Right Leg

Finally, we will draw the flamingo’s right leg. Draw a vertical line with a little curve at the center under the flamingo’s body. As we all know flamingo has long legs. If you want to make it longer then extend the line. Just make sure that it’s still good to look at. Then on the tip of the leg draw a short horizontal line for the claw. 

Step 10: Draw the Left Leg

Flamingo has two legs, so let’s draw the second leg. Under the flamingo’s body, draw a short slanting line going directly to the right then slightly curve the line and continue with the slanting line until it crosses to the right leg. After crossing the right leg continue your drawing by a curve line going in the opposite direction. 

Step 11: Draw the Claw

Hurray! One more step and you are done with your flamingo. Now let’s draw lines for the claw of your flamingo. Just simply add two claws to each leg. On your right leg just draw a line that goes directly to the left side. For the left leg, draw two curves that go directly to the right. 

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Step 12: Finish up!

Let’s bring your drawing to life by putting colors on it. Before you color your flamingo, you may trace your drawing with a black pen to see it clearly. Then, feel free to choose any colors that fit your flamingo. After that, you’re done with your drawing. Congratulations.   

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