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How To Draw A Cow In 8 Easy Steps (Instructions For Kids)

How To Draw A Cow

Today’s article touches on a flamboyant pink bird known as a flamingo, learning why these birds are usually pink in color, which part of the world they are found, where to see these birds in their natural habitat and how they breed, and step lessons on how to teach the kids to draw them.

How To Draw A Cow

How To Draw A Cow In 8 Easy Steps

Another amazing tutorial is here! This time we show you how to draw a Cow. You can follow the steps we lay out for you below or you can follow the video, in either case you will have an amazing end result.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Craft Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1 Sheet Paper White
  • 1 Marker Black
  • 1 Pack Crayons


  • Take your black marker and draw a grape sized circle. Now, draw a pea-sized circle inside your circle. Repeat the same thing next to your drawn circles. Make sure that your circles are evenly spaced out because they'll be your eyes. Move below your circles. Leave enough room to draw a horizontal oval shaped circle like the one that you see in this picture. Make your circle a bit wide because this is where the mouth of your cow should be. When you're done drawing your circles, you should have an image that looks like a 2D flying saucer with a pair of googly eyes at the top. 
  • Move to the middle point of your horizontal oval shaped circle. Start drawing a line that curves slightly inwards. Your line should carefully trace out a half circle shape that runs above the two circles that you drew in Step 1. When you reach the top of the circle that you're drawing, you should make a small dome-shaped pattern. Bring this pattern down. It shouldn't go past the halfway mark above the eyes of your cow. As your marker reaches the end point of this pattern, you should bring it up as a zigzag pattern. Then close it up where this dome shaped pattern started. Thereafter, you should move on to the right-hand side to finish up your half circle shape that you had started off with. Before you reach the end point of your circle, which is the right middle point of your horizontal oval shaped circle. You should draw a bean shaped pattern. By now, your cow should have a recognizable face. 
  • Move your marker to the inside of the horizontal shaped circle. Below the top line of your circle, you should draw two evenly spaced circles. Make sure that they're pea-sized just like the small circles that you drew in step 1. At the bottom of your small circle, you should draw a concave half circle that's facing upwards.This is where the nostrils of your cow are. 
  • Move to the halfway mark of your bigger outer half circle that you drew in step 2.It should be the outer layer or head of your cow. Mark a point where you'll start drawing on the left-hand side. From this outer layer, you should draw outa line that curves downward towards the bottom left of your outer layer. It shouldn't be too big. Now, draw another small circle inside this shape that you've just drawn. Right next to this circle that you've just drawn, you should draw a small horn. On your right-hand side, you should start with your small horn and then draw a line that curves downward to the right side and then bring it back to your outer half circle. Inside this pattern, you should draw a small circle. By now, your cow's face should be completely drawn
  • Move to the left of your cow's face. Where you've just finished drawing the left ear, you should move to the inner edge of your half circle layer. Draw out a bean shaped pattern. Move to the right-hand side and do the same thing. Then move to the bottom outer edge of your horizontal oval shaped circle that you drew in step1. Draw a small line that makes a sharp turn to the right. From this line, draw a small dome shaped circle. Then, move to the outer edge of this small circle and draw a very small concave circle on it. Move to the right side of your small dome shaped circle, draw a slightly curving line until you reach the outer edge of the other side of your horizontal oval shaped circle. 
  • Move to the right outer edge of this line that you've finished drawing. From the halfway mark draw a half circle that's facing upwards. Move to the left side of this line, draw a line that curves inwards towards where your cow's body should be.Then make a sharp turn down your page, then right, and then another sharp turn up your page. Then from the end of this line, trace out a shape that looks like the bean shapes that you drew previously. By now, you should be looking at a cow with one hoof. 
  • Move to the outer edge of the line that curves inside that you drew in step 6. Draw aline that goes down until it is leveled with your front hoof. Now, connect this line with your front hoof by drawing it towards the right. Then draw a small half circle inside this line. Move to your front hoof and draw another curvy half circle on its edges. Then shape out your hoof with shapes that look like small upside down clouds. Then draw a small line to connect your two front hooves at the center point. Draw the same pattern on your right front hoof. 
  • Move to the back of your right front hoof. Draw a line from the middle point of your right front hoof. Draw the back hoof. The back of your hoof should be left unconnected with the rest of your cow's body. Between the front and back hooves, draw your cow's adders. Then move to draw the same upside down cloud pattern that you drew on your front hooves. Draw a half shaped circle on the inner edge of your back hoof. Then draw a small tail to connect the back of your cow with the rest of your cow's body. Where your cow's body curves by the tail, draw another half circle on the inner edges. Draw a circle above your back hoof. Now, you should take your marker and go back to your horns. Shade your horns with your black marker. Do the same thing to the bean shaped patterns on your cow's face. Move to the small inner circles that you drew inside your circles in step 1. Color them in with your marker as well. Do the same thing for your cow's nostrils. Do this to the rest of the bean shaped patterns on your cow's body. Take a brown pen and color in the belt of your cow's bell. Use an orange marker to color in the small dome shaped circle on the head and tail. Use a yellow pen to color in the inner ear circles, the horizontal oval shaped mouth, and your adders. By now, you should have a colorful cow. 


Now you see how easy it is to draw a Cow in just a few steps. We would really like to see your incredible Cow drawing.
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What do cows eat?

If your cow produces milk, it should have a balanced diet that is packed with protein. This means that it should eat a combination of grain, hay, silage, and protein. 

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Do cows have four stomachs?

Yes, they do. Your cow’s first three stomachs are used for processing food. This is how they can digest food and plants that you can’t digest. 

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