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How to Draw a Horse in 9 Simple Steps

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Horses are one of the most reliable animal companions for humans. Why? Because they can be used for riding or transport. They can also be used for carrying things, pulling carts, or helping plow a field. And nowadays, they are sometimes used for competitive racing. But with all their might and uses, horses have been proven to have outstanding memories, incredible awareness, and perception. They not only understand human words and emotions, but they also remember those that are always around them.

With this, now is your time to learn how to draw this incredible loyal companion. Simply follow these easy steps to learn how to draw a horse.

Step 1: Draw the Head and Body

Let’s start your submarine by drawing the body. In this step, simply draw a big horizontal The first thing that you need to do is to draw the body and the head. With that, let’s start with the head first. Draw a curvy triangle leaning on the right, kind of like an egg with a wider bottom. After that, draw a long peanut-like shape just below the head you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 2: Draw the Neck

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to start adding the sail. In the middle of the upper Next, let’s connect the head and the body. Do this by drawing a curve line on the rightmost part of the head, all the way down to the body. And do this step again on the left lower part of the head, continuing down to the left edge of the body.

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Step 3: Draw the Eyes and Legs

To draw the eyes, draw a small circle near the center of the head. Then draw a smaller circle inside it and shade it black. Erase a small part of the shading to make the eyes look alive and cute. For the Legs, we draw two stubby rectangle shapes overlapping the base of the body. 

Step 4: Add the Ear and the other Legs

We draw the ear by adding a small triangle shape at the right side edge of the head. Make sure to point the ears up and make it cute! For the remaining legs, we draw two rectangular shapes in front of the first ones we’ve drawn in the previous step. Make sure you do not draw two full rectangular shapes, overlap them with the first two. This will make the overlap look realistic.

Step 5: Erase Extra Lines

Before we draw the next part, let’s erase the extra lines to clean it up. Erase the ones that are on the horse’s nose and the lines that overlap on the horse’s legs. After that draw the hair. We can do this by drawing two lines, one coming out in front of the horse’s ear and another from the back of the ear.

Step 6: Draw the Hooves

The horse’s feet are called hooves. The hooves are made up of a strong and durable protein called keratin. The hooves make sure that the horses do not get hurt as they run in rocky terrain. To draw the hives, simply draw a horizontal line just above each foot.

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Step 7: Add the Tail

Horses have wonderful hair both on their mane and tail. So, let’s draw it too. Draw two L-shaped lines out from the back of the horse, one larger than the other. Then draw a horizontal line to connect the two to form the tail.

Step 8: Add More Details

Horses depending on the breed have different spots or colors. As for this one, let’s draw one with many spots on its back. To do that, draw irregularly shaped circles as many as you can on the horse’s back. Also, let’s add lines to draw the strands of the horse’s hair on its mane and tail.

Step 9: Finishing up!

In this step, you have all the liberty to apply any color that you want. Use different colors To finish up you can color your very own horse however you like. If you want to make it realistic, you can choose brown, black, and white colors. If you want one out from fantasy books, you can go for pink, blue, yellow, and green! And that’s it. Congratulations!

Show your completed drawing to your family and friends and let them celebrate with you in your newfound skill.

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