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How to Draw a Pearl in 9 Easy Steps

A simple step in drawing a cute pearl.


Did you know that pearls are named “Queen of Jewelry” because of their everlasting charm that has attracted individuals ever since it was originally discovered until today? This is the only gemstone that comes from a living creature. The oysters from which they originate from living are also eaten as seafood, and the oyster’s shell yields the mother of pearl, which is also used to make accessories.

Pearls are made of a kind of material made by mollusks, like oysters. Pearls come in a variety of colors, including black and white, but are typically white. Usually spherical, but occasionally half-round, oval, or in other configurations. Oysters have an odd appearance, but when paired with pearls, they look stunning.

Now, let’s begin drawing our oyster with the pearl inside. Just simply follow the step-by-step below and you’ll see the result later. 

Simple steps on how to draw a pearl.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the Guide

First step on how to draw a pearl.

The first thing that we need to do is to draw the big oblong shape on the center of our paper. After that, inside the big oblong, draw a triangle that has round edges. To make it easier, just draw a triangle inside the oblong then change the edges onto rounds after doing it. 

Step 2: Remove Extra Lines

Second step on how to draw a pearl.

Now that we are done drawing the upper shell of the oyster, this time, erase the guide that you’ve drawn in step one. Do not include the round triangle inside the oblong because that will serve as the upper shell of the oyster.

Step 3: Add Details

Third step in drawing a simple pearl.

Let’s now add the curvy lines on the upper shell of the oyster. Make the curvy lines until you reach the opposite side of the oyster. After that, in the bottom part of the oyster, simply draw two connected hills on the bottom part. These hills must overlap with the lower portion of the upper shell. Also, this is where we place our pearl later.

Step 4: Add Details to the Oyster

Fourth step in drawing a simple pearl.

Now, let’s surround the two hills with a half oblong. Start this from the left side of the hill going to the right side. Then, erase the curved line on the upper shell that serves as the guide in making the small curved line earlier. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 5: Add Details

Fifth steps in drawing a simple pearl.

In this step, we will add details to the shell. We do this by making a slanting line from the edges of the small curved line above then drag down to the center part of the two hills that you made earlier. Then, continue that until you reach the last part of the curved line above. For the shell in the bottom part, draw a small curved line from the left side going to the right side. Make sure that the small curved line will not overlap with the half oblong below. See the reference image above for you to be guided. 

Step 6: Draw the Pearl and Add Details

Sixth step in drawing a simple pearl.

This time, we will draw the pearl in the center. We do this by drawing a small circle in the middle. The pearl must overlap with the shell on the top portion. After that, on the lower shell, erase the guide curved line below the shell and replace it with a small curved line same pattern on the top portion.

Step 7: Add Details

Seventh step in drawing a simple pearl.

Before adding details, let’s erase the lines inside the pearl. Then draw two small circles on the upper portion of the pearl. These two circles must overlap in the upper portion. Then, draw a curved line on the bottom of the pearl and add a curved line on both sides of the pearl to looks more real. Lastly, draw a long, curved line from the bottom of the left side of the shell going to the right side. 

Step 8: Add the Eyeballs, Mouth, and Details

Eight Step in drawing a simple pearl with cute eyes.

Let’s erase the lines inside the eye guide then start adding the eyeballs by drawing a shaded circle inside. After that, draw an inverted letter C under the eyes of the pearl. Then, let’s also add a curved line on the upper shell. Do this by simply following the pattern of the curved line above.

Step 9: Finish up!

A simple but beautiful pearl with cute eyes.

For the final step before completing the illustration, color your oyster shell with black, grey, and brown on the outside and a special color called the mother of pearl on the inside. Hurray!! You’re done with your tutorial. Great job kiddo! 

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