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How to Draw Coins in 12 Easy Steps

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Drawing tutorial for children. How to draw the funny Nightingale

A coin is a tiny, flat, spherical piece of metal that is primarily used as legal cash or as a means of transaction. Coins are often constructed of metal, metal alloys, or occasionally synthetic materials. They have been produced for approximately 2600 years and are typically disc-shaped. Coins are the most common form of payment. Generally speaking, they are worth less than cash.

Do you want to make your own coins? This step-by-step tutorial will help you to achieve your goals.

How to Draw Coins

Easy steps on how to draw coins.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the coins

Three oblongs for drawing coins.

Let’s begin sketching some shapes to get what we want to achieve. For this step, we will be using an oblong shape for our coins. Draw three oblong shapes on your paper. It’s up to you how are you going to arrange your coin. But you can also copy the reference image above if you want to.

Step 2: Add more coins

Drawing multiple circle for coins.

It’s good to look at if we put more coins in our drawing. Now, I want you to add more oblong shape to our paper. Again, you have two options, you can copy our arrangement that is given above, or you can also arrange it by yourselves. It is also good if you have to overlap some coins on the other coin to look more real.

Step 3: Remove Extra Line

Third step in drawing coins.

Now, let’s remove some lines that overlap with the other coin. But you have to be careful in erasing it because you might erase some important lines from our drawing. Be sure to erase all the extra lines properly.

Step 4: Add More Coins

Fourth step in drawing coins.

Let’s add another set of coins to our drawing. This time you have to draw the line in between the coins or overlap with another coin to maintain the neatness of your drawing. And it is also good to look at if you draw them in one area. The arrangement of the coins will all be up to you. 

Step 5: Remove Extra Lines

Fifth step in drawing coins.

This time, we will remove extra lines from our drawing especially the lines that overlap with the other coins. I want you to carefully erase the extra lines because you might erase the important lines from our drawing. Be sure that the coins are still connected after you erase some lines to them.  

Step 6: Add Details

Sixth step in drawing coins.

Now that we are done completing our coins, let’s add details to it. This time let’s make our coin thicker by adding a short line on both sides of each coin.  If you are confused, then see the reference image above for you to be guided. 

Step 7: Add More Details

Seventh step in drawing coins.

In this step, we will enclose the lines that we make in step six by drawing a curved line to connect the two short lines that we made earlier. Do this in all the coins that have a short line on the side. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 8: Remove Extra Lines

Eight step in drawing coins.

Let’s remove again those lines that overlap with the other coins. This will help your drawing maintain cleanliness and its good to look at. Again, if you are confused you can check the reference image above for you to be guided on what area are you going to erase.

Step 9: Add the Eyes Guide

Drawing details for the eyes of coins.

To look more attractive and cuter, let’s add eyes to our coins. To do this, pick three coins that you wanted to put the eye guide on it. Just draw a small circle and make sure that the eye guide will overlap with the coins. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 10: Remove Line and Add more Coins

Tenth step in drawing coin.

Let’s add more coins to our drawing but this time the coins must be piled together. Just like in the picture. You can create your own strategy on how to do but you can also copy ours above if you love how we arrange the coins. Then remove the lines inside each eye guide.

Step 11: Add the Eyeballs and the Mouth

Add the Eyeballs and the Mouth.

Now that we are done drawing the eye guide let’s start putting the eyeballs in each eye guide. To do this, draw a shaded crescent moon shape inside each eye guide. Then after the eyes let’s add the mouth under the eyes, just simply draw a small, inverted letter C.

Step 12: Finish up!

Last step in drawing coins with colors.

Let’s finish this tutorial by adding colors to our coins. This time, you will be the to decide on what color are you using for the coins. If you want to look real one, then color it gold but if you see this as play money then color the coins whatever color you like. After that, you’re done. Congratulations kiddo. 


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