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Free WOLF Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

You could use the first coloring picture to teach kids to count into sets of four. The illustration shows four wolves having a wonderful time together. They’re standing side by side on top of a big rock.

Welcome to our collection of free WOLF coloring pages. Click the Wolf pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Wolf coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

A picture of four wolves standing side by side on top of a rock.


An illustration of four wolves happily lying on the bellies.


An illustration of four happy wolf pups playing, sitting, and standing.


A fierce looking wolf walking between the trees in the forest.


An illustration of papa and mama wolf playing happily with two baby wolves.


An illustration of two cute wolves playing with each other.


Two wolves chasing after one another in the forest with trees in the background.


An illustration of two wolves playing with one another.


An illustration of a hungry wolf walking in the flower bed.


A picture of a sinister wolf standing in front of a big tree.


An illustration of three happy wolf pups with plants in the background.


An illustration of a wolf family happily sitting together with trees and mountains in the background.


A wolf howling at the moon on a snowy and starry winter night.


An illustration of a wolf standing on a rock surrounded by water with a fish swimming at the back.


Mama wolf and baby wolf standing beside the water looking at a fish.


An illustration of two happy wolves sitting in the forest surrounded by many plants.


An illustration of a loving wolf family sitting in the forest.


A small and adorable wolf standing in the forest with a bird on a tree.


An adorable wolf sitting on a rock with a bird in the background.


An illustration of a fierce looking wolf standing in front of the bushes.


An illustration of a wolf howling with snowy trees and rocks in the background.


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Fun Wolf Facts for Kids

1. There are several types of wolves, such as the arctic wolf, white wolf, gray wolf, and red wolf. A tamed wolf is kept as a pet or working animal.

2. A regular wolf can weigh up to 40 kg, but it can reach 80kg, especially if the wolf lives away from the equator. The alpha male leads a pack of wolves, which could have between six to ten wolves.

3. Wolves are extremely aggressive when they attack prey. They hunt as a pack and eat their catch as soon as they bring it down. 

4. These wild animals are carnivores and kill quite big animals. Wolves can also eat small animals like birds, lizards, foxes, rodents, snakes, etc. They’ve got very sharp teeth to tear their meat. 

5. Wolves easily adapt to many environments. You can find them in deserts, grasslands, forests, towns, and outside cities. 

6. While some wolves can be violent, there are some that people can keep as pets, like the Siberian huskies.

7. Wolves are long-distance runners, particularly when they’re hunting. They can maintain a steady speed of 5km/h and run almost the whole day. Also, they run at 35km/h over short distances. 

8. Wolves can eat anything if they don’t get the food they normally eat. Farmers can lose their cattle because of hungry wolves. 

9. Each day, a wolf can eat about 2.5 pounds of meat. However, a female wolf can eat more during the breeding season.

10. Wolves’ life span is about 17 years. But gray wolves live shorter lives, an average of between six to eight years. 

Congrats for reading to this point! Now let’s jump into the most exciting part. Welcome to free wolf coloring pages. Your kids will have endless fun working on these coloring pages. The working sheets are a wide collection of printable pages packed with wolves.

Children can use crayons to paint the wolf illustrations. Every kid from preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary will find the wolf coloring pages interesting. Wolf coloring pages can improve children’s fine motor skills and color recognition. It’s a fun bonanza!

Another wolf picture has four happy pups really having fun. They’re playing, standing, and sitting. What a good lesson to teach tenses like the present continuous tense.

You’ve got more printable coloring pages. For example, little ones will paint a fierce-looking wolf strolling in the forest. You may teach your kids synonyms of the word ‘fierce.’

There are yet more free wolf coloring pages your kids will enjoy shading. They can paint papa and mama wolf playing happily with their two little wolves.

Extra! Extra! Wolf Coloring Pages To Keep Kids Busy

Children will be thrilled to shade a coloring sheet with two wolves chasing after one another in the forest. There’s also a drawing of trees in the background.

What does a hungry wolf look like? On this coloring page, kids will paint a hungry wolf with their favorite crayons. Another beautiful illustration shows a wolf howling at the moon. Here, you could teach children about the sounds of animals.

Do wolves eat fish? Let your kids find out by painting a printable picture with mama wolf and baby wolf standing next to the water looking at a fish.

After your kids paint all the free wolf coloring pages, they can make a jungle book. This coloring book will be a big achievement for them.

Discover more wolf coloring pages!

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