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Free ELEPHANT Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Kids are fascinated with these amazing creatures and love to use crayons, colored pencils, paint sets, and markers to color them. These elephant coloring pages provide a fun activity for your kid. You can create a craft project from each of these pictures or even clipart that you can download on your computer to use at a later time. Your kids can even combine each elephant coloring page to create a coloring book to take with them on the go or to share with their friends and family.

Welcome to our collection of free ELEPHANT coloring pages. Click the illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the download and/or print page.

And if you want to learn how to draw these lovely elephants, simply click here!

Illustration of an elephant holding a knife and ready to eat.


Illustration of an elephant excited to eat different fruits.


Illustration of an elephant being surprise by a crocodile.


Cute elephant wearing a dress and holding some flowers and gift.


Illustration of a big elephant with coconut trees and a cloud.


Illustration of an elephant walking happily in the forest.


Illustration of a happy elephant jumping in the jungle.


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Elephants are amazing animals and the largest ones that exist on the earth today. There are three different species of elephants and two of those are considered an African elephant, including the African forest elephant and the African bush elephant. The third type of elephant is the Asian elephant. Elephants are fun to observe at the zoo and the African elephants sport larger ears than Asian ones have and concave backs, while Asian elephants boast a more level back. Elephants use their trunk for breathing and have massive legs that resemble pillars so that they can carry the high weight of the animal. They also use their trunks to bring food up to their mouths, to drink water, and to pick up objects. They have large flaps over their ears which helps them to maintain a healthy and constant body temperature and to be able to communicate with others. They are also known for their very large tusks, can show empathy for others, and communicate through touch, sound, smell, and sight. Elephants are considered to be an endangered species.

From a coloring sheet of a cute elephant playing in the water with other animals, an illustration of an elephant holding a knife and ready to eat, and a picture of an elephant excited to eat different fruits to an illustration of an elephant walking in the forest, a picture of Baby elephant sitting happily with trees and mountain, and one that features an illustration of a baby elephant playing in the jungle, your kids will be enthralled with these pictures of their favorite zoo animal. Your child will love to color the baby elephant coloring page and the cartoon of a circus elephant.

Each elephant picture will allow your child to use his or her imagination to create a beautiful image for you to frame and hang on the wall in their bedroom or your living room. Each of these free elephant coloring pages will foster your child’s creativity, allow them to use their fine motor skills, and improve their hand-eye coordination while sparking a new idea or two in your child’s mind as they work to create more pictures that they can show off to their friend and family with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Your children will enjoy coloring each printable drawing of this amazing majestic creature that they can put in the elephant coloring book they can create. From pictures of female and male elephants to a decorated elephant and an entire herd of them, your kids will be busy for hours creating their own versions of each free printable elephant coloring page.

You can simply print each elephant picture from your computer for your child to begin to color anytime you want since you can print them over and over again.

From an illustration of a cute elephant wearing a dress and holding some flowers and a gift to a picture of a big adult elephant surrounded by coconut trees and a cloud, your child will enjoy coloring and creating amazing elephant pictures with these free printable elephant coloring pages.

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