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Free LION Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

You’ve got great illustrations of lions like Mufasa begging for his life. Kids will enjoy painting the frightened face of Mufasa. They can use colored pencils to shade a cliff that the lion is holding on to. 

Welcome to our collection of free LION coloring pages. Click the Lions pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Lions coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Illustration of a struggling Mufasa begging for his life while holding on to a cliff.


Illustration of an exhausted Simba while being followed by multiple vultures.


Simba holding tightly on a branch to avoid being run by bulls.


Simba hugging Nala when they met for the first time after a long time.


Two illustration of Nala and Simba bonding with each other.


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Fun and Interesting Facts About Lions for Kids

1. Like cheetahs and other cats, lions come from the cat family. Science people have a fancy name for the family of big cats, Felidae.

2. What’s surprising about a lion is that it’s called the ‘king of the jungle.’ But you find lions in Africa’s open savannas. 

3. Lions are a bit smaller than tigers. It makes them the second biggest cats. Male lions can be as long as 10ft, beginning from the head to the tail. Their height could reach 4ft. However, female lions can grow up to 9ft. 

4. These male cats can be quite heavy, weighing about 400lb(180kg). The females can have a mass of nearly 290lb(130kg). Lions can live for 10 to 15 years. 

5. A pride is a group of lions. It can range from two to forty lions. You can find male and female lions together with their cubs in the pride.

6. Lions are nocturnal animals because they hunt at night in packs. They prey on many animals, including deer, buffalo, antelope, zebra, etc.

7. Female lions hunt the most, and they’ve got super hunting skills.

8. Lions are heavier than cheetahs, so they’re slower. They can run at 50km/h. But lions are more powerful than cheetahs, and that’s why they can take on large animals.

9. They can sleep between 16-20 hours during the day. They’ll be resting to use all their saved energy to hunt after sunset.

10. Lions are heavy eaters. They can take almost 66lb or 30kg in one go. 

Now that you’re a graduate in Zoology (study of animals), let’s move on to another lion adventure. Here’s a wide collection of free lion coloring pages. These working sheets are proper for preschool, early elementary, kindergarten, and older kids.

Free lion coloring pages help improve children’s fine motor skills and color recognition. Parents and young children can have fun working on the coloring pages.

Free LION Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

There are many more free coloring pages. For example, one printable worksheet shows an unhappy Pumba and Nala and Simba playing together. Parents could talk about what kids can do to comfort another sad child.

Wow! Little ones will find this lion coloring page exciting to work on. Here, Adult Simba is scaring off Pumba and Timon. Simba’s scary mouth is wide open, showing big sharp teeth.

Free Lion Coloring Pages Galore

It’s time for fun. Pumba and Simba are having a dandy time together. This drawing can help children appreciate the importance of setting aside time to play with others.

More free lion coloring pages for the little ones. After running like mad, Simba is dead tired. On this free coloring page, kids will also paint some vultures hovering over Simba. What a sorrowful sight.

Simba has fallen off a cliff. He must be hurt and crying. Children could shade a crying face on this template. Adults may talk about different ways of expressing grief.

You’re not done yet with free lion coloring pages. Let your kids paint Simba holding a branch very tight to hide from bulls that could run him over.

There’s also another exciting coloring sheet with Simba warmly hugging Nala. Kids can have fun painting the trees in the background.

One more free printable coloring page illustrates Mufasa and Simba relaxing on a rock. Kids can create a coloring book after completing the coloring pictures.

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