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Free FOX Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

You’ve got 21 different illustrations of foxes doing exciting things your kids will enjoy painting with crayons. Here’s a fox coloring sheet. Your children will have fun drawing a fierce fox sitting on the grass. They’ll also paint rocks, the moon, and pine trees in the background.

Welcome to our collection of free FOX coloring pages. Click the Fox pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Fox coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

A fierce fox sitting on the grass with pine trees, rocks, and a big moon in the background.


A cutely drawn illustration of a happy fox with many trees and plants in the background.


A brave fox wearing shorts while surfing in the big waves with beautiful sea creatures.


An illustration of a cute fox sitting on a rock surrounded by grass with a big moon in the background.


A big and kind wolf happily talking with a cute and small bird in the forest.


An illustration of a beautiful fox surrounded by beautiful leaves and flowers.


An illustration of a cute baby fox hugging the back of her mama with leaves and flowers in the background.


An illustration of a happy little fox sitting on a rock with plants and flowers in the background.


Three little foxes walking, sitting, or sleeping in the forest with many trees and bushes.


A bird carrying something on its beak and a fox looking up towards the bird with a flower field in the background.


An illustration of a fox looking up and exchanging food with the crow on the branch of the tree.


An illustration of a fox standing with a big bright moon in the background.


An illustration of a fox sitting beside the tree and talking with a an owl sitting on a branch.


An illustration of four small foxes playing and sitting around their mama fox.


A furry fox sitting beside a long legged bird while holding a beautiful vase.


A beautiful illustration of two foxes lying down on the grass with flowers around them.


Mama fox and cute baby fox sitting beside a big apple tree.


An illustration of four cute baby pups playing or standing around mama fox.


An illustration of a beautifully drawn fierce fox sitting near the bushes.


An illustration of a big and strong fox sitting near the rocks.


A pretty fox with a long nose sitting in the forest with butterflies and flowers in the background.


Baby fox riding on the back of Mama fox’s back in the woods.


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Fun Fox Facts for Kids

1. Foxes are in the same group as wolves, dogs, and jackals, the Canidae family.

2.  Foxes have large ears and bushy tails, but they’re small. 

3. Only 12 main kinds of fox exist. They include the Swift fox, Red fox, Bengal fox, Arctic fox, Cape fox, Pale fox, Blanford’s fox, Fennec fox, Kitfox, Tibetan sand fox, Corsac fox, and Ruppell’s fox.

4. The red fox is the most common and belongs to the Carnivora order.

5. Foxes live in dens or ‘earths.’ They dig underground burrows as their places of rest and sleep.

6. A vixen is a female fox, and a male fox is called a ‘tod’ or a ‘dog’ fox.

7. Fox babies are known as ‘kits’, ‘cubs’, or ‘pups’.

8. A group of foxes is called a ‘leash’ or a ‘skulk.’

9. Like cats, foxes are nocturnal animals. They are very active during the night.

10. Foxes have cubs once a year and can have up to 11 babies in one litter. Red foxes breed in winter and keep the pups for six weeks in the den.

11. Foxes have a strong sense of hearing and smell. They eat plants and other small animals.

12. You can’t keep a fox as a pet because it’s a wild animal you can’t trust.

There you’re. You’re now a fox expert. Let’s dive into the juiciest part. Welcome to a wide collection of free fox coloring pages for download. These free printable coloring pages are excellent and fun educational materials for preschool, elementary, kindergarten, and older kids.

Another printable coloring page your kids will enjoy shading is a happy fox with plenty of plants and trees in the background. They can use colored pencils to paint beautiful printable pictures. 

Your child has many fox coloring pages, including a fox surfer. Would you believe it? The free coloring page shows a fox with cute shorts while surfing huge waves—what a brave fox. Your children will also shade beautiful sea animals in this illustration.

A wolf coloring sheet is also there. On one coloring page, Big Wolf seems to be enjoying chatting with a beautiful tiny bird. Kids can add more colorful paint to the trees in the background.

More fun continues with fox coloring pages. Another brilliant illustration shows a cute fox surrounded by flowers and leaves. Youngsters can shade different types of flowers.

Continue Having Fun with a Beautiful Collection of Printable Fox Coloring Pages

There’s also one free printable sheet where mama fox is having a great time with her little fox. Baby fox is hugging her mama’s back. Your children will also have fun painting leaves and trees in the background.

You’ve got an interesting printable fox coloring page with three cute little foxes. They’re sitting, walking, and sometimes sleeping in the forest. Colored pencils can be useful to shade trees and bushes in the background.

You’ll discover more free fox coloring pages every child can have fun with. With these illustrations, your kids can improve color recognition and fine motor skills. They can also name these foxy and forest animals to have more fun.

You can tell your kids fairy tales about these wild animals to make coloring more exciting. Children can produce a beautiful coloring book once they’re done with the 21 fox coloring pages.

Enjoy the wide collection of fox coloring pages!

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