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Free BEAVER Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free BEAVER coloring pages. Click the Beaver pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Beavers are the second largest rodents in the world. They live in wetland areas where they use their large front teeth to gnaw through trees. While that’s impressive on its own level, what I find most interesting about beavers is the level of creativity that goes into the creation of their dams.

If you are lucky enough, like I have been to stumble across a beaver dam, you’ll notice the elegant lines and intricate designs that the beavers weave together.

Creativity is something that we often take for granted. I know that sometimes I find inspiration in nature.

I may not be a beaver, but I found my own way to create my own nature scenes. I discovered beaver coloring pages. That’s right. I can create my own beaver dams using a mix of different colors and designs. There are several different coloring page designs to choose from. 

While I may take a little leeway with my choice of colors. I find that when it comes to taking some time to finish coloring beaver dams, making it your own is the best way to do it.

Beavers live in many different wetland environments. You may find beaver dams in rivers, lakes, or streams. This gives you endless opportunities for coloring beaver damn environments. I have found inspiration through the contrast of the watercolors and the color of the wood of the beaver dam.

When it comes to coloring-rich environments, I have found that blending colors allows for endless creativity.

Intricacies of the Design Beneath

It’s not just the environment and what you can see from the surface. Beaver dams hide plenty of secrets on the inside. The inside of the beaver dam is where the beavers have built their home. With two entrances at either end, the beavers can come and go as they please.

I’ve found color pages on the insides of beaver dams that have let me color in the different styles of beaver dams. They have different designs depending on the type of beaver that you are coloring. 

These can make for great coloring pages for science students studying beavers. I’ve found that coloring on the inside of beaver dams gives me the chance to put my own imagination on the page. Depending on my mood, what I’m coloring, reflects that you can put all of your creative imagination and interpretation into your colors.

Beaver coloring pages that depict the inside of the beaver dam allow you to color all aspects of the beaver dam, including a couple of beavers spending their time inside.

Beaver Dams Aren’t The Only Thing Interesting About Bevers

While some people may disagree, I find beavers one of the cutest woodland creatures, with their large flat tails and large front teeth. While you may think that their teeth and tail may seem like something just to make them look comical, they use their tails and are used to propel them through the water. Their front teeth also continue to grow throughout their lives.

I have found some great bever coloring pages of beaver people. I found that beaver tails have a unique tail pattern. Depending on the type of beaver you are coloring, you can see different patterns. 

It’s not only their tails that are unique in color, while beavers look like they’re just brown, but their coats also have many underlying colors. Using several shades of browns and reds, you can mirror the rich pelt of the beaver. I’ve worked to layer colors, depending on whether I’m coloring a beaver, whether it’s on land or in the water. 

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