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Free SPIDERS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Some people love spiders, and others fear them a bit. But most people agree they are amazing. Our spiders coloring pages feature scary spiders, friendly spiders, cute spiders, and fascinating spiders, so they can be enjoyed by all. So get ready to interact with these amazing arachnids and help them spin a web of fun with your crayons and colored pencils.

Welcome to our collection of free SPIDERS coloring pages. Click the Spider pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Spider coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Our Spidey Sense Says These Coloring Pages Are Fun

Each spider coloring page in our collection lets you enjoy spiders in a fun way. Generally, you’ll need a lot of black, brown, and grey colors since most spiders have a drab appearance. However, some spiders, like the black widow spiders, have red markings on their bellies. 

In any case, you can put other colors to use when working on each coloring sheet, so the spiders have a pretty environment to sit in. Working on each spider coloring page will be more fun because they are suitable for Halloween craft activities. 

Your child will love using the scary spider pictures as part of your Halloween decorations. You can even use the drawing with the cute spider as decoration or for some other spider craft. With so many coloring pages to download and drawings to color, it can only mean one thing – fun, fun, fun!

Eight Fun Facts About These Eight-Legged Creatures

There are lots of interesting facts about spiders, but here are the top eight spider fun facts you’ll love to know:

  1. There are over 30,000 spider species. It’s safe to say that spiders are everywhere, and if you check our spider coloring pages, you’ll find they come in all shapes and sizes. Popular species include the wolf spider, the camel spider, the black widow, and the tarantula.
  2. Spider movement is complicated. Spiders have leg muscles that can only curl inward. They have to pump a watery liquid into their legs for them to retract.
  3. Spiders are not insects. This is a common myth, but just because spiders have many legs doesn’t mean they are insects. Instead, they are classified as arachnids because their bodies have two segments instead of three, eight legs instead of six, and up to eight eyes. Scary!
  4. Female spiders are scarier than male spiders. Spiders are natural predators that like to feast on flies and other insects. Female spiders like the black widow like to take things up a notch by eating the male spiders.
  5. Not all spiders can build webs. Although all spiders have spinnerets that produce silk, not all of them can spin a pretty web.
  6. Spiders have blue blood. Spider blood contains copper, hence the bluish color.
  7. Some spiders have deadly bites. The brown recluse spider and the Brazilian wandering spider are pretty venomous. Sadly, their bite won’t turn you into Spiderman.
  8. Spiders don’t have teeth. Instead, they turn their prey into liquid using digestive juices, then slurp up their meal. Gross!

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You and your kiddo will have fun interacting with the spiders in our printable coloring pages. As you know, the popular superhero, Spiderman, is based on this fascinating cobweb spinner. If you loved coloring spider illustrations, you’ll also love our Spiderman coloring pages, where your friendly neighborhood superhero shows off his spider-like abilities. 

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Our web of coloring pages will give you hours and hours of fun. Print all your favorite illustrations and add them to your go-to coloring book so that everyone can enjoy them, including older kids and adults.

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