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Free LLAMA Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Llamas are more than the temperamental furry creatures known to spit when you get too close. They’re social animals who live in groups and develop close relationships much like humans. Llamas are also quite smart and have been taught to do a variety of basic tasks, including common dog commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come here.”

Welcome to our collection of free LLAMA coloring pages. Click the LLAMA pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every LLAMA coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Llama coloring pages are perfect for animal lovers of all ages. They range from basic silhouettes of the animal’s shape to more elaborate designs with decorative saddles, blankets, and even tutus placed over the animal’s back. There are unicorn llamas, llamas standing in elaborate woodland scenery, and even llama shapes covered with intricate designs for more detailed coloring.

When selecting your llama coloring sheets, think about the age and interests of the person doing the coloring. From toddlers just learning about different animals to adults trying to color away stress and older adults coloring for pure enjoyment late in life, there’s always room for a free llama coloring printout.

10 Fast Facts About Llamas

  1. When llamas spit, it can travel up to 10 feet, so stand back! While there are many stories of spitting llamas out there, they tend to spit at one another more than at humans.
  2. Llamas are known to welcome goats and sheep into their herds and will even protect them from predators. They’re extremely loving, social creatures.
  3. Baby llamas are called crias.
  4. Llamas are strong animals able to survive and even thrive in very harsh climates. It’s not uncommon to see them walking through rocky paths or climbing to high altitudes in the wild.
  5. Some llamas are close to 6 feet tall. Others are closer to 5’5”.
  6. Llamas will neck wrestle one another when there’s conflict within the herd.
  7. It’s common for llamas to weigh up to 450 pounds. The lightest llamas are over 250 pounds.
  8. Llamas are strong enough to carry up to 30% of their body weight on their backs. You can load them down with goods or ride them, but they will simply sit down and refuse to move if the load is too heavy.
  9. Some llamas have been trained to work in hospitals as therapy animals. Once properly trained, they have a soothing, comforting impact on humans.
  10. Llamas are vegetarians, so they live entirely on plants that grow naturally on the earth.

The Fun of Coloring Llamas

Llama coloring pages allow you to play with one of our world’s fluffiest animals without allowing them to spit at you. While you can color them brown, white, and other neutral colors to represent what they look like in real life, it’s also good to have a bit of fun.

What would a pink llama look like? What about a rainbow-colored llama wearing a tutu? What color would you dare color a llama with a unicorn horn? There are plenty of ways to have some fun when coloring simple llama silhouettes, so you don’t need an intricate design to play with llamas on paper.

Llama coloring printouts are the perfect way to pass an afternoon or get your energy going at the start of a new day. You can color llamas with your toddlers while reading them facts about the animals. Coloring sheets are also great as homeschool activities when completing units on the camelid animal family.

While you’re at it, why not color a few alpacas as well? They’re in the llama family and have quite a few interesting facts that you may want to learn. Get out the crayons and have some fun with these smart, adventurous animals.

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