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Free KIRBY Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

There are many famous and recognizable video game characters. Many of us have grown up knowing and playing these characters, from the adventurous Italian plumber Mario to the fantastical hero Link from the Zelda games. However, one extremely recognizable little pink guy has been around just as long as many of our favorite video game heroes, Kirby. As I said, Kirby is a round pink thing. And he is the main character in a video game series that spans decades and has sold millions of copies. Kids will love our Kirby coloring pages collection that features Kirby in many forms, his fantastic friends, and the iconic villains from the games. Print out a free Kirby coloring sheet for your kids today!

Welcome to our collection of free KIRBY coloring pages. Click the Kirby pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Kirby coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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A Little About Kirby

The Kirby Video Game Series started in the US with its 1993 game for the Gameboy called Kirby in Dream Land. And, Nintendo is still making Kirby games today. Kirby has been a staple for the Nintendo lineup of games and has enjoyed unprecedented success selling millions of copies of multiple games. Kirby also stars in spinoff games and ensemble games like the Smash Bros series of games. While he may look like a cute little pink blob, Kirby is one feisty and heroic warrior ready to save Dreamland at a moment’s notice. Kirby uses an adventure/action game style similar to Mario, where players must navigate maps, avoid dangers, and can increase their power. Kirby can fill up with air and fly, swallow evil minions to take their abilities, or spit those minions back out as projectiles. The spinoff games have other game modes usually linked to classic games that involve a round projectile.

Coloring Kirby

Our collection of Kirby coloring pages will have plenty of coloring sheets featuring the game’s hero. Kids will love coloring Kirby just because he is extremely cute. What is not to like about a pink marshmallowy character with big red shoes and an adorable smiley face? Kirby is a star all on his own and is the subject of many cute coloring pages. That isn’t even the best part because those who have played the games know that Kirby never just stays a cute little pink blob. Kids and adults alike will like coloring Kirby decked out with his different powers. Just make sure to have plenty of pink crayons.

One of the best aspects of the Kirby games is the ability to swallow opponents and upgrade Kirby with a new set of powers. Kirby can get fire powers, spark powers, ice powers, and even obtain a sword. Your kids will love our Kirby coloring pages that feature the hero with his signature changes for each ability that he can achieve. These printable coloring pages will be a hit for those who have played the game and are familiar with the upgrades.

Of course, Kirby is not the only star of the game. Other characters and heroes are loved by fans all over the world. Your child will look forward to coloring a picture of King Dedede. This mallard-like self-proclaimed king of Dream Land is generally manipulated into causing a lot of trouble for Kirby. However, he is usually willing to help Kirby fix it with his giant mallet once he realizes what he has done.

True fans of the game will be looking for a Kirby coloring page featuring Meta Knight. This noble hero is on a quest to find the greatest warrior in the universe. Some Meta Knight coloring pages are a must in any collection of Kirby scenes. And, not long into the game series, Kirby also acquired a loyal sidekick named Bandana Waddle Dee, who has a long history in the games. This spear-wielding friend is also a playable character in some of the later games. Watch out for coloring pages featuring some of the game’s most famous villains, like Nightmare, Magalor, or Marx.

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