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Free GERMAN SHEPHERD Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

I have always found that I like the dog breed, the German shepherd. Something about these canines seems rugged and tough, yet very approachable. I think the rough and tough part is due to the association with the police. German shepherds are often the dog of choice amongst law enforcement. Others may like them because Chase from Paw Patrol is a German shepherd. And, of course, Chase is the police dog. If your kids love the appearance of these dogs, or if you own a German shepherd, check out our collection of German shepherd coloring pages.

Welcome to our collection of free GERMAN SHEPHERD coloring pages. Click the German Shepherd pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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A Little About German Shepherds

German shepherds are fascinating dogs. All dogs have a better sense of smell than humans. However, German shepherds have a super sniffer. That is one of the main reasons they help with emergency services, bomb squads, and the police. They have one of the most sensitive noses amongst dog breeds. Another reason health and safety organizations often use them is their intelligence. German shepherds excel at training and can learn complicated tasks. This makes them ideal service animals. German shepherds are great with kids despite their intimidating appearance and reputation as police dogs or guard dogs. I have seen this firsthand because my neighbor has a German shepherd. It is such a friendly dog, and it is fantastic with kids, even small kids. I know a lot of that has to do with the owner’s training, but I have seen with my own eyes a German shepherd allowing kids to run, play, tackle, tug, pull, and jump on it with nothing but gentleness.

Coloring German Shepherds

While most people think of German shepherds with the distinct tan and black fur, there are actually several other colors of coat these canines can have. German shepherds can have straight black or white fur as well. And, instead of the tan with black coloring, they can also have red and black or gray and black coloring. Your kids can have a blast trying out the different color types on these printable German shepherd coloring pages.

As mentioned before, German shepherds are frequently the dog of choice amongst emergency services. Your kids may want a coloring sheet depicting a German shepherd in this capacity. Coloring pages featuring these brave dogs with a K-9 uniform or other capacities are available. Your child will love coloring the dog and learning about how these brave pooches work to keep people safe and help catch criminals.

Older kids may want to color a German shepherd coloring sheet that is more realistic and detailed. These coloring pages can depict the dog in the kennel, running, or simply sitting and posing. Older kids and younger ones will love these accurate depictions of their favorite kind of dog. If you are a family that owns a German shepherd, the kids will want a realistic-looking coloring page to color it like their dog at home.

Younger kids, toddlers, and preschoolers may want a cute coloring page or a less realistic scene. Many cartoon coloring pages depict the beloved German shepherd as well. These adorable pages showcase the distinguishing traits of the breed but also add some fun and whimsy to the picture. Often, these simpler pictures showcase a puppy rather than a full-grown dog. If you have young kids who want to color a German shepherd coloring page, then these simpler cartoon pictures are an excellent choice.

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