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Free CAMPING Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Camping brings up many happy childhood memories for our family. As a public school teacher, the summer months are especially exciting for me as well, since I get to do outdoor activities. We particularly love these free camping coloring pages. These let me print out individual camping coloring books for the kids.

Welcome to our collection of free CAMPING coloring pages. Click the Camping pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Camping coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to coloring pictures for summer months when schools are out of session. This is the perfect time to try a tent coloring page or some campfire coloring sheets. Print out a stack and take it along for the upcoming camping picnic or vacation for summer!

Mountain Climbing Coloring Pages

If you love the mountains like I do, then these mountain climbing coloring pages will do right nicely. Coloring the mountain climbers and their gear always spikes my interest in mountain climbing, bouldering, and other outdoor activities. A mountaineering notebook is not complete without at least one well colored image of a mountain climber! Instead of taking photos on the next camping trip, bring along crayons, markers, and free coloring pages.

Camping Themed Classroom Coloring Pages

Whether we are decorating our homeschool classroom for a new school year, or simply want to upgrade with some seasonal items, camping themed classroom coloring pages are a winner. I can just print these out for free and have students color for an activity or lesson. It is an easy and fast way for our group to have an educational and entertaining moment.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to stay moving at school! I ask myself, what if I were to create a new theme for our classroom at school as a teacher? A camping and outdoors theme focused on mountaineering would be the way to go.

RV Camper Coloring Page Printables

Do you own an RV or a camper trailer? There are RV camper coloring pages that you can print out and design your very own trailer for camping. Add some amazing camping scenes and campfire pages of family camping. This is a great activity to actually take camping–for when those rainy days keep everyone inside the trailer! You can stay busy and be creative without spending a fortune.

Positive Mindset Nature Camping Coloring Page Printable

Sometimes getting outdoors is not possible, and that’s when positive mindset nature camping images help boost the mood! I enjoy having hopeful messages in our classroom. Encouraging pictures are great for helping children to feel positive as well. I love to use camping coloring sheets as a way to support and teach students about nature. It’s a fun way to learn and share a love of the great outdoors this way!

Fun Camping Food Coloring Pages

One of the best parts of going camping is the food! From s’mores to hotdogs, to grilling and finding innovative ways to cook a meal, there is so much to do and explore. We like to have some fun camping food coloring sheets ready to roll at meal times in the camper van. This way, everyone can stay active and avoid the “Are they done yet?!” shouts of impatiently hungry campers. 

Finding cute food coloring pages for camping is easy! Check out some of these great options, including real camping food pictures and picnic coloring pages. There are also lessons on how to draw a marshmallow on fire! Bring a camping moment to life in color and preserve it forever in the memory book with a bunch of free and fun camping food coloring pages.

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