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Free CAMEL Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Camels have been popular over the years. There was a hilarious commercial with one centered around “Hump Day.” They are also featured on coloring pages. 

Coloring camels are so cool. They have amazing coats and it can be fun trying to make them look as realistic as possible. But there is so much more to them that you can think of. 

Welcome to our collection of free CAMEL coloring pages. Click the Camel pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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They Either Have One Or Two Humps

This is probably the most well-known fact. The one with a single hump is known as a dromedary and the one with two is known as a Bactrian. 

They Live Off The Fat In Their Humps During Times Of Famine

There are times when food is very scarce. That is typical of life in a desert, which is where they tend to live. So they metabolize the fat to survive. 

The Humps Also Keep Them Hot or Cool

Yes, the humps serve another purpose, too. There are fatty acids in them that can keep a camel feeling cool during those scorching desert days and then feeling warm when night comes and the temperatures plummet like someone tied a stone to the thermometer. 

They Won’t Get Burned On The Hot Sand

One of the least favorite memories of most beachgoers is that awkward shuffle/run/hop on the hot sand as they try to make their way to their chair or the ocean. A camel can comfortably plop down on the hot sand because they have a thick layer of skin. 

They Have Thick Lips

Smile! Gimme a kiss! No, their lips are not thick to be better for smooching. It helps them find and eat their food, which is mostly salty or thorny plants. 

They Can Go a LONG Time Without Water

If you are like me, you can’t go longer than a few hours without drinking water when you are awake. Humans can’t go longer than a few days without any water without dying. Camels can go up to seven months. Yes, that’s months. Not hours, days, or weeks. If they do have to wait that long, they can lose a lot of weight – up to half of it. 

They Can Drink a Lot of Water

Hey, if you’re going to go for a while without drinking, you might as well fill up when you have the chance. How much can they put away? 32 gallons in a single session. That’s … a lot. Try drinking more than three glasses and not immediately have to go to the bathroom.

Females Are Pregnant for 14 Months

Human women should be happy they only have to carry a baby for nine months. Imagine having to carry it for five more months after that? That’s all that is going to be said about that since pregnant women might be reading this right now. 

Camels Can Run Pretty Fast

You would think that something with one or two giant mounds of fat on its back would amble along pretty slowly. They can run up to 40 mph if they need to move quickly. Their average walking speed is somewhat fast, at almost 25 mph. They have four legs, after all, and long legs.

They Live For About 40 Years

That is pretty long if you think about the harsh conditions that they live under. While their bodies do help them deal with the elements, they still withstand a lot.  

So think about those facts while you are coloring the camels and imagining yourself right there with them. Just bring some water and food with you in those imaginary travels – maybe a little sunscreen too. 

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