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Free BLUEY Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Are you a fan of Bluey, the lovably curious six-year-old Australian Blue Heeler puppy? If so, you’ll love these Bluey coloring pages. Grab your favorite drawing utensils and get ready for an adventure with Bluey, her father Bandit, her mother Chilli, and her sister Bingo. Stock up on energy and especially on your blue crayons!

Welcome to our collection of free BLUEY coloring pages. Click the BLUEY pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every BLUEY coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Here comes Bluey! With her blue coat, black-tipped pointy ears, and that wide Australian Blue Heeler grin, she’s a six-year-old ball of energy. Waiting for takeaway food with dad at a restaurant in Brisbane—what could possibly go wrong? Get your colored pencils ready as Bluey and her sister, Bingo, start to spill the food and make a mess. Will their dad notice what’s happening before it’s too late? It’s up to you to draw Bandit’s expression as he takes in the havoc…and takes them to the toilet.

Bluey’s on the swing while Bandit pushes her. But watch out Bandit! Distracted by his phone he pushes too hard. Use your favorite crayon colors to capture Bluey’s expression as she sails around the swing set. Isn’t this every kid’s dream?

Bluey’s dad, Bandit, seems to have endless patience. How many imaginary hamburgers is he prepared to eat? Count them off as you color his blue coat and yellow stomach. Lucky for him, it never seems to get any bigger, no matter how many burgers he eats. I guess that’s the upside to imaginary meals at the café. That’s if he has the right kind of money to pay for the burgers…if not he might end up washing dishes!

Chilli is Bluey and Bingo’s mom. Like mom does, she tries hard to keep everyone together and get them all out the door on time without losing her patience. But sometimes, it’s like herding cats (or rather, cattle dogs—shouldn’t that be easier?). Draw Chilli’s frustration as she stands with her yellow paws on her orange hips and tries not to lose her cool. How true it is in these Bluey coloring pages.

Chilli helps Bluey and Bingo take care of their bodies to stay healthy and strong. Draw them as they exercise together. But what about Chilli’s own father? He’s getting older, and he needs taking care of, too. Just like the show, these Bluey coloring pages have something to bring together every member of the family. And the Dalmatian neighbors, too!

Bluey and her four-year-old sister, Bingo, play together all the time. They are brave explorers as they don their matching packs: Bluey’s has a blue strap and Bingo’s has a purple one that stands out against her orange chest. As they stand before the refrigerator, they’ve got pizza on the brain. They’ve even arranged all the magnets to make the perfect imaginary pie–so colorful! How will the explorers turn their vision into a reality? You’ll use your favorite colored pencils to help them find a way in these Bluey coloring pages.

Bluey and Bingo don’t always get along (just like all families, they have their moments). Sometimes they play along, even if they don’t feel like dancing. Can you draw that moment when they argue or arrive at a consensus? Use your favorite drawing utensils to color their compromise. It’s all part of the fun for Bluey and Bingo!

Bingo sometimes gets lost in her own world. Draw her wide-eyed wonder as she tries to explain what she saw. Will Bluey understand? Does she even need to? Use your powers of imagination just like Bluey and Bingo to draw their imaginings and their family fun as they bloom and blend like the colors in your palette.

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