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Free SIMBA Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free SIMBA coloring pages. Click the Anna and Elsa pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Anna and Elsa coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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The downgrade of COVID-19 restrictions from level three to one will remain with me forever. Excited that, finally, there were no restrictions to prevent us from going out and eating at our favorite family restaurant,  we were all just about to leave when my youngest four-year-old daughter, Lily, and I were found to have quite high temperatures. There was no alternative but for me to stay home and babysit Lil Lily, while the rest of the family went out to enjoy themselves.

After Lily’s expected wailing was over, I asked what she wanted us to do to spend our time together. Her response was to bring a mega coloring book with an assortment of famous animation characters and Caticorn coloring pages. Expecting her to choose the ones she wanted us to colour, I was caught unaware when she asked me to pick the ones we could color together.

Touched by my daughter’s gesture, the child in me came out to play. Excitedly, I began flipping through the assortment of famous animations coloring pages section of the book. Ranging from Bugs Bunny to Barbie Dresses to Simba (from Lion King), coloring pages, memories of raising my children came flooding back. In particular, Simba’s (from Lion King) coloring pages caught my eye.

I remember as if it was yesterday, the first time my eldest daughter, Cells, and I had watched Lion King and been introduced to Simba and the rest of Mufasa’s pride- we had been mesmerized. The animation left a deep and lasting impression. The story had appealed to both Cells and me; an adventurous tale about the trials and triumphs of a lion prince and his cohorts. Lion King was Cell’s introduction to animation.

Afterward, both of us could not get enough of it. We watched it repeatedly, much to the annoyance of my wife. Such had been the power of The Lion King. Simba is and will forever be one of those childhood icons that will not go away. Besides the wonderful memories, Simba and Lion King had so many lessons to teach.  Lily and I just had to celebrate this animated icon.

“Honey, let’s color some pages of Simba from Lion King!”

“Wow! Dad, that’s a great pick. Exactly the one I wanted. Which colors are we going to use?”

Suddenly, I had a brainwave.”Switch on the television and go to Netflix.” 

Lily and I could play Lion King on Netflix, search for scenes featured in the Simba coloring pages, pause them and use the colors from the scene. Or be adventurous and color them as we see fit.

“Great idea daddy, let’s watch and color” And watch and color we did! Aided by Netflix and Lily’s pencil crayons, we co-operated to color in the luxuriant lush green and vibrant savanna, with brown and yellow tones of light and life.

On the far-reaching hills and giant rocks that are Pride Rock, we joyfully and jointly colored in the announcement of Simba’s birth-a precious life is announced. The indigo and orange hues of sunset promise the beginning of a new cycle of life. This we followed by coloring a  portrait of young Simba frolicking in the African savanna. Yellow and green for the elephant grass, golden yellow, brown, and white for our beloved Simba in all his innocence.

Making mischief in the Pride Lands, carefree and oblivious of uncle Scar’s plans for him. Sometimes, freedom is in the simplest of things -but then, calm often precedes a storm. That we immediately contrasted with black, the ominous hues of evil uncle Scar’s mane juxtaposed against the rich golden brown mane of Mufasa, the noble Lion King as the two brothers hatefully confronted each other, ready to fight to the death. Blood is not always thicker than water, even family can turn against you.

Next, we let our crayons or markers venture into the bushland ‘Hakuna Matata’ training ground where Simba finds peace with the help of Timon and Pumbaa. Young exiled Simba happily prances in front of a waterfall with the comedic duo of Timon and Pumbaa.

True friendship will not always be from your kind. Grey amidst white, gold, green, and black colors storytelling and symbolizes Simba’s life of innocence and promise.

Fast forward, Simba has grown into a Lion King, protected and guided by Timon and Pumba. Pain, joy, and growth amidst an unresolved past. Lily and I again colored using grey, white, gold, green and black colors.

Red symbolizes love, white purity, yellow riches, and brown for the natural. For Simba and Nala’s reunion and them falling in love. True love finds a way, it never fails. We just had to use red, white, yellow and brown. Odd but it somehow worked!

Lastly, with Simba’s return, the defeat of Scar, and the restoration of the Pride Lands, the same colors of red, white, yellow, and brown plus purple for royalty, worked for us. Especially as this last coloring page romantically shows the love-lions, Simba and Nala in the moonlight, Pride Rock in the background, another cycle of the circle of life in motion.   

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