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How To Draw A Bee in 10 Simple Steps (for Kids)

Summer is here, and our friend the buzzing honey bee is out looking for honey all over yards around the world. Drawing a honey bee is simple! All you need is some paper, a pen or pencil, and a little bit of time.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Craft Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes


  • 1 sheet of paper, any color
  • 1 pen or pencil for black outlines
  • Markers or crayons for color (optional)

Steps to Draw a Bee:

Step 1: Draw a Small Circle

Start by drawing an oval near the center of your paper. Then, draw a medium circle inside that oval near the top. Draw a second, smaller circle below that one but still inside the oval.

Step 2: Draw A Second Circle To Make The Eyes

Next to the original oval, do the same thing a second time. Leave around 1.5 circles-widths of space between them.

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Step 3: Draw The Bee’s Head

Now, you can draw a large circle around the two ovals. This will represent the bee’s head, so leave room for the mouth. To add the mouth, draw a “w” shape between the two oval eyes

Step 4: Draw The Antenna

Now, it’s time to make antennae! On the left side of the bee’s head, above the oval eye, draw an antenna by moving the pen or pencil upward before drawing a spiral in a counter-clockwise motion.

Step 5: Draw The Second Antenna


On the right side of the head, draw an antenna by moving the pen or pencil upward before finishing the antenna with a clockwise spiral.

Step 6: Draw The Body

The bee’s head is done! Moving on, you will draw two lines. Starting at the bottom of the face below the right eye, draw a curved line that looks a little bit like an inverted “C” shape. On the left side, make a reflection of the same shape. Both of the shapes should come together and touch in a point at the bottom.

Step 7: Add Some Detail

Now, add some fun stripes to your bee! Starting at the top of the bee’s body, make a curve that matches the shape of the curve making the bee’s face. Below that line, repeat the shape, following the same curve shape as before. Repeat this two more times to get a total of five stripes on the body.

Step 8: Draw The First Wing

Adding wings is the next step. Starting on the outside of the bee’s head just below eye-level, draw a big “C” shape. The bottom of the “C” shape should touch the second stripe line.

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Step 9: Draw The Second Wing

Now, make the second wing. To do so, draw a “C” shape that mirrors the left-sided wing.

Step 10: Finish The Wings

Finally, you’ll add two more wings below those large wings. These are a “C” and inverted “C” shape as well. You’ll start your “C” shapes near where the top wings meet the second stripe line. The bottom of the “C” shapes should touch between the third and fourth stripe lines.


That’s it! You’re finished drawing your first bee. Now, you can change the sizes of the eyes or wings for new bee friends, or color in your drawing to bring your bee to life with color.

Find the tutorial video here:

How to Draw a Bee (Part 2)!

Today is your lucky day! Why? You’ll learn how to draw another Bee! Follow these 12 easy steps and you’ll be surprised.

Did you know that bees are one of the super-important pollinators for flowers, fruits, and vegetables? Bees help plants grow and transfer pollen between the male and female parts. This means that bees allow plants to grow seeds and fruits. And aside from these, bees are also the lovely little honey makers. So, if you ever see honey, remember that they are made entirely by bees.

Step 1: Draw the Head

The head is one of the most important parts of your bee. So, let’s start your bee by drawing the head. You can do this by drawing a perfect circle. Nothing complicated nor exaggerated. For this, you may use a coin or the bottom of the cup for tracing a perfect circle.

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Step 2: Draw the Eye Guide

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to draw the eye guide for both eyes. Draw two circles on the upper part of the head. And make sure that near the edges of these circles are overlapping with the head of your bee. The left eye guide should be bigger and the right eye guide should be drawn smaller.

Step 3: Clear the Extra Lines

After drawing the eye guides. The next thing that you’ll need to do is to erase the overlapping lines. Doing this step will clear the extra lines and will emphasize the eyes of your bee on our next step.

Step 4: Complete the Eyes

Now that the eye guides are clear, it’s time to draw the eyes of your bee. Draw crescent moon shapes inside the eye guides. These crescent shapes serve as the pupil of the eyes. After that, draw a smiling mouth under the eyes by drawing a small letter C. The edges of the small letter C should point to both eyes to show a smiling bee.

Step 5: Draw the Thorax


After completing the head, you now should draw the thorax. This step is simple. You just have to draw an incomplete circle, kind of like a letter C connected to the lower right part of the head of the bee.

Step 6: Draw the Abdomen

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to draw the abdomen of the bee. On our guide, the abdomen of a bee is pointy on the edge and wider near the thorax. Likewise, draw the upper part of the abdomen widely then continue the line downwards until you form a pointy edge.

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Step 7: Add Details to the Abdomen

Now, let’s add details to the abdomen. You can do this by drawing multiple curvy lines from the left side of the abdomen to the right side. You can be creative and add as many lines as you like. Just make sure that you leave a little space to pave way for your coloring later.

Step 8: Start the Wings

In this step, we will now draw the wings. Draw a curvy and irregular square shape connected from the left side of the head all the way to the left side of the thorax. After that, draw another one but this time, it’s connected from the right side of the head to the right side of the thorax.

Step 9: Add More Layer to the Wings

Bees have multiple layers to their wings and create a buzzing sound while flapping their wings 11,400 times in one minute. That’s the reason why bees are so noisy when flying! So, just like in the previous step, let’s add layers to your wings by drawing a letter C connected from the top layered wing to the abdomen. After that, draw another one on the right side of your wings.

Step 10: Draw the Arms

Now that you have your head, wings, thorax, and abdomen, it’s now time to draw the cute little arms of your bees. Simply do this by drawing 2 curvy lines on the left side of the thorax. And draw another two curvy lines on the right side of the thorax.


With the cute little arms drawn already, now is the time to draw the hands and antenna. Simply add small circles on each edge of the arms you’ve drawn earlier. After that, draw the antenna on the upper part of the head. The antenna should look like a bigger version of the arm with the hands.

Step 12: Finish Up!

Now that all parts of the bee are done. You can now unleash your creativity and personal preference by adding colors to your drawing! In this step, you have all the freedom to apply any color that you like.

And after finishing up, show your completed drawing to your family and friends and let them know that you now can draw a lovely little bee.

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