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How to Draw a Beetle in 13 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a beetle.
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Beetles are incredible bugs! Beetles have four wings, two of which are longer than the other. Did you know that beetles are the largest group of insects, with over 300,000 species? Most of the species are found in the tropics, while others are in the temperature zone.

This insect can both do harm and benefit our environment. Some beetles destroy crops and properties, while others help in the removal of rubbish, eating dead trees, and pollination of flowers.

Have fun with this simple step-by-step lesson for learning how to draw a beetle.

Easy steps in drawing a beetle.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the Head

A plain circle first step to draw a beetle.

Beetle has a very cute head. To begin the head of the beetle, draw a perfect circle on the left side of your paper. You can use a coin or anything that will help you to trace a perfect circle for the head of the beetle.

Step 2: Add the Eyes

Drawing the eyes of the beetle.

After we do the head, let’s add the eyes of the beetle. On the upper portion of the head draw two circles that overlap with each other and will go beyond the upper portion of the head. The right eye should be bigger than the left one.

Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

Remove extra lines on the eyes.

Cleaning or erasing the lines in your drawing will help a lot with your output. In this step, all you must do is erase the lines inside the circle. This will be the preparation of the next step of your drawing.

Step 4: Complete the Eyes and Mouth

Add details to the eyes of the beetle.

As we all know eyes are very important without them we cannot see the beautiful creation of God. To complete the eyes, draw two shaded crescent shapes in each circle. Then, under the eyes draw a big letter C facing upward. This is the mouth of your beetle.

Step 5: Draw the Body

Drawing the body of the beetle.

The Beetle’s body is bigger than its head. Start the body by drawing an elongated horizontal oblong shape on the right portion of the head. The body will slightly overlap with the head of the beetle to stay connected.

Step 6: Add the Wings

Drawing the wings of the beetle.

Wings are the reason why beetle can fly, now let’s add wings to your beetle. Draw a big horizontal elongated oblong shape on the body portion of the beetle. These wings will slightly overlap the head and the bottom part will slightly go beyond its head.

Step 7: Clean up

Drawing the horn guides of the beetle.

In this step, we’ll just simply clean the body, head, and wings of the beetle. On the right portion of the head erase the lines that overlap. Then erase the line inside the wings of your beetle. On both sides of the head, draw a curved line going upward.

Step 8: Draw the Antenna

Drawing the details of the horn.

Antennae are sensors that sense odors, sounds, tastes, and sensations in the environment. With that, on the left side of the antennae add another curved line beside it. Then, meet the two-curve line on the tip of the antennae.

Step 9: Add Details

Ninth steps in drawing a beetle.

In continuation of the antennae, let’s add details to the antennae. For the left antennae, draw two V-shapes on the left side and the upper portion of it. Observed distance between the two V-shapes.

Step 10: Finish the Antennae

Removing extra lines on the beetle.

Same with the first antennae, draw another curved line on the right side. Then, meet the two curved lines on the tip. Add two V-shapes on the left side and the upper portion of the antennae. After that erase the short lines inside the antennae.

Step 11: Draw the Legs

Eleventh steps in drawing a beetle.

Legs are one of the important parts of the beetle without legs they cannot walk. We’ll be using a short vertical curved line for the legs. Draw one curved line in the front, middle, and back portions of the beetle.

Step 12: Add Details

Twelfth steps in drawing a beetle.

Now, that we are done with the legs, the next thing that we need to do is to add details to it. To do this, draw a small circle on the tip of each leg of the beetle. Then, add a short vertical line on top of the eyes.

Step 13: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing a beetle with color.

To complete and finish your drawing, you should add color to your beetle. For our example image, we use brown for the color of our beetle. On the other hand, the beetle can come in many different colors, so you could use any color you like. Congratulations!

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