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How to Draw a Mosquito in 13 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a mosquito.

Almost everyone has been bitten by a mosquito at some point in their lives. Mosquito bites can cause skin irritation because of an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva, which results in a red bump and itching.

However, the transmission of dangerous infections and viruses such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika, and West Nile virus, which can cause crippling and potentially fatal effects, maybe a more serious consequence of mosquitoes. Adult mosquitos have a lifespan of two to four weeks, depending on the species, humidity, temperature, and other conditions.

Female mosquitos have a longer lifespan than male mosquitos. Female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite humans and animals for a blood meal. To lay eggs, female mosquitos require a blood meal. 

Now that you already know some information about it and I want you to be careful with this insect. Be familiar with mosquitoes by making a drawing out of them. It is also one way to avoid it.  

Easy steps in drawing a mosquito.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Head

Drawing circle, first step in drawing mosquito.

Let’s start the tutorial by drawing the head of the mosquito. Draw the head by drawing a small circle in the upper portion of your paper. You can use an object that can help you trace a perfect circle. 

Step 2: Add the Eye Guide

Drawing the eyes of the mosquito.

After drawing the head, let’s draw the eye guide of your mosquito. Draw two circles in the upper portion of the head. These two circles will overlap on the upper portion of the head and on the other circle.

Step 3: Remove the Extra Lines

Removing extra details to the mosquito eyes.

The next thing that you need to do is to erase some extra lines in your drawing. Erase the lines that are found inside the eye guide. Make sure that the two-eye guide is still connected.

Step 4: Draw the Eyeballs, Mouth, and Proboscis

Drawing the eyes, mouth and proboscis.

This time, we will draw the eyes, mouth, and proboscis. Draw the shaded circle inside the eye guide. For the Proboscis, draw a long curve line pointing downward. This line will go beyond the right side of the head. Lastly, draw an inverted letter C facing upward.    

Step 5: Add Details

Drawing details to the proboscis.

The proboscis looks like a straw sucking the blood of its prey. Now, we are done with the first curved line for our proboscis. Let’s add another curved line below the first line. Make sure that these two long curved lines will meet on the tip.

Step 6: Add more Details

Sixth steps in drawing a mosquito.

Now, the proboscis looks like the claw of a big bird. Let’s continue the proboscis by adding a short curved line. To enclose the proboscis, draw a curved line on the bottom part of it. This will help your proboscis be more real.

Step 7: Draw the Thorax

Drawing the thorax of the mosquito.

Thorax of the mosquito is found under the head. Draw a teardrop shape below the head of the mosquito. The tip of the teardrop must overlap with the lower portion of the head. Then after that, erase the lines that overlap the head.

Step 8: Add the Abdomen

Drawing the abdomen of the mosquito.

After the thorax let’s add the abdomen. Draw an elongated oblong shape under the thorax. This oblong shape must overlap a little with the bottom part of the thorax to keep them connected. Then erase the lines that overlap the bottom part of the thorax.

Step 9: Draw the First Wings

Drawing the first wings of the mosquito.

Now, we will draw the big wing of the mosquito. To draw this, draw a big inverted elongated teardrop shape on the top of the thorax. Make sure that the tip of the teardrop will overlap inside the thorax to make them connected. Then erase the lines that overlap with the thorax.  

Step 10: Add the Second Wings

Drawing the second wings of the mosquito.

In continuation of the wings, draw a small teardrop on the left side of the big wings. This teardrop shape will overlap a little with the big wing and the tip will overlap with the thorax. Then after that, erase all lines inside the big wings and the thorax.

Step 11: Add Details

Eleventh step in drawing a mosquito.

In this step, we’ll draw the three lines inside the thorax. Draw the first short line near the head. Then for the second line, draw beside it and it should be a little longer than the first one. Lastly, draw the third one beside the second line. This third slanting line must overlap the thorax and the abdomen.

Step 12: Complete the Legs

Drawing the legs of the mosquito.

Let’s draw the leg of the mosquito. The three lines that you’ve drawn earlier will be connected to the leg. From the tip of the lines that you’ve drawn earlier, draw a long slating line going downward. The direction of the first and second slanting lines will on the right side and the third slanting line will be at the back portion.

Step 13: Finish up!

Final steps in drawing a mosquito.

Congratulation on a job well done. After showing your skills in drawing, this time show your coloring skills by coloring them. Choose a color that fits your mosquito. Again, be careful with the mosquito because this will cause a lot of diseases, one of which is dengue

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