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How to Draw a Potato Bug in 11 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a potato bug.
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The potato bug is also commonly called a Colorado potato beetle. This has a hemispheric form with red-orange or yellow in color with black stripes on its wing cover. They move around using their six spider-like legs.

Their legs help them in digging into the ground, where they spend much of their life. This kind of beetle lives in the temperate terrestrial suburban agricultural fields, grassland, and gardens.   

Do you want to draw your own potato bug? Great! This quick tutorial lesson will help you a lot in drawing the lovely potato bug.

How to Draw a Potato Bug

Easy steps in drawing a potato bug.


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the Head

First steps in drawing a potato bug.

Same with other bugs, potato bugs have a small head. In this step, we’ll be using the basic shape, a circle.  Draw a perfect circle on the left side of your paper. You can trace a coin to get a perfect circle for the head.

Step 2: Add the Eyes

Second step in drawing a potato bug.

The eyes are one of the important parts of all living creatures. Let’s begin with the eyes by drawing a circle on the upper portion of the head. These two circles will overlap with each other and at the same time, they will go beyond the upper portion of the head. The right eye is a little bigger than the other one.

Step 3: Clean up

Removing extra lines to draw a potato bugs.

Let’s clean up the drawing by erasing extra lines that are not included in your drawing. For the eyes, erase the curve line that overlaps with the big eyes.  Then, erase the curved lines inside the two circles. Make sure to erase the areas that are just mentioned.

Step 4: Complete the Eyes and draw the mouth

Adding detail to the eyes of the potato bug.

In this step, we’ll complete the eyes of your potato bug. Draw a shaded crescent shape inside each circle. Then, add the big, inverted letter C facing upward under the eyes. This will serve as the mouth of your potato bug.

Step 5: Draw the Body

Draw the body of the potato bug.

Now, let’s draw the body of your lovely potato bug. For the body, draw a big elongated oblong shape on the right portion of the head. Make sure that the body is still connected to the head of the potato bug.

Step 6: Add the Wings

Drawing the wings of the potato bug.

The potato bug has two wings but for step 6 we will draw one wing. Since wings are found on the top of the body then let’s draw the first on the top of it. This wing must still be connected to the right side of the head and the right eye. Lastly, the wing must overlap with the upper portion of the head.

Step 7: Clean up

Seventh steps in drawing a potato bug.

In this step, we’ll just simply clean or erase some lines that are not important to your drawing. Erase the lines inside the wings because later we will put detail on it. To make it more attractive. 

Step 8: Complete the Wings

Eight steps in drawing a potato bug.

To complete the wings let’s add the left wing of the potato bug. Draw this on the upper portion of the first wing. To do this, draw a curve line from the edge of the right eye to the bottom part of the first wing.

Step 9: Draw the Legs and Add Details

Drawing the detail of the wings of the potato bug.

Let’s draw the legs of the potato bug. Under the body, draw three curved lines, one in front, in the middle, and the back portion of the potato bug. Make sure that the legs are still connected to the lower portion of the body.  

For the details of the wings, draw a horizontal curved line. Just follow the pattern on the given image above or you can make your own pattern for the wings of your potato bug.

Step 10: Add Antennae and the Details

Tenth steps in drawing a potato bug.

Antennae are sensors that sense odors, sounds, tastes, and sensations in the environment. To form the antennae, draw two vertical lines on the upper portion of the eyes. Then, add a small circle on the tip of the legs.

Step 11: Finished up!

Drawing a potato bug with colors.

For the finale, let us color our potato bug reddish yellow and black. I’ll give you the freedom on how you are going to color the potato bug using those given colors. After that, show your output to your family and friends. Congratulation kiddo!

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