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How to Draw a Snake (2 Drawing Tutorials)

Easy steps in drawing a snake.

A snake is a type of reptile that has no limbs or legs and a long, lean body. Snakes are closely related to lizards. There are about 2900 species, or kinds, of snakes. The best-known snakes include cobras, vipers, boas, and pythons.  Snakes are found throughout the world except near the North and South poles. Most snakes are found in the tropic.

Although most snakes prefer the ground, others live in trees. Some snakes live their entire lives in tunnels beneath the ground. Did you know that snakes don’t have eyelids or ears? Eyes are hidden by clear scales. The ability of the lower and upper jaw to split allows a snake’s mouth to open widely.

Most snakes, such as cobras and rattlesnakes, have lengthy fangs on either their front or back teeth. The tongue of a snake is forked. 

Did you know that snakes can’t hear most sounds if they don’t have ears? However, they can detect when prey is nearby thanks to ground vibrations. Snakes have an excellent vision as well. Snakes “taste” the air using their tongues, which helps them learn more about their surroundings. Snakes lack vocalizations. They may, however, hiss by blowing air through a hole in their jaw.

The color of a snake can aid in defending it from predators. Some snakes integrate into their environment. For instance, a lot of tree snakes are vividly green and look like vines. Some snakes have vivid colors to alert predators that they are deadly. 

Now that you already know some facts about Snake, it’s your turn now to show your talent in drawing.

How to Draw a Snake

Easy steps in drawing a snake.


Step 1: Draw the Head

First step in drawing a simple snake.

The shape of the snake’s head is oval. Now, to do this we just simply draw a not-so-big oval shape on the upper, right portion of your paper. You can use an object to trace a perfect circle for the head of the snake. The oval must be drawn horizontally.  

Step 2: Add the Eye Guide

Drawing small circle for the snake.

Now, that we are done drawing the head of your snake let’s draw the eye guide for your snake. Draw a perfect circle on the upper portion of the head. This circle will slightly overlap the upper portion of the head. 

Step 3: Add the Other Eye Guide

Drawing second eyes for the snake.

In continuation of the eye guide, let’s draw another circle inside the head. Draw this on the right side of the head. This eye guide is smaller than the first eye guide and must overlap with the upper portion of the head and slightly overlap the other eye guide. 

Step 4: Remove Extra Lines

Fourth step in drawing a snake.

Before we proceed to our drawing, let’s erase some lines that are not important. Let’s start with the big eye guide, and erase the lines that are found inside the eye guide. Then for the small eye guide erase the lines on the upper portion of it. 

Step 5: Add the Eyeballs and the Mouth

Adding mouth detail to the snake.

Now it’s easy for us to draw the eyes since we already draw the eye guide. Now draw a shaded crescent shape inside the two-eye guide. In drawing the eyeballs make sure to consider the size of the eyes guide to looking better. Then under the right eye, draw a curve line from the corner of the lower portion of the head going to the center part of the head. 

Step 6: Add the Tongue

Drawing tongue on the face of the snake.

Snakes have a long and forked tongues. This is used for collecting chemicals from the air and ground. Let’s draw the tongue by drawing a not-so-perfect line from the mouth of the snake going in the opposite direction. Then at the bottom part, split the line into two. 

Step 7: Draw the Body

Drawing guide to the body of the snake.

Now that we are done with the head, tongue, and eyes of the snake. This time we will work on the body of the snake. For the body, you can make your own curvy lines for it. But you must start from the left side going downward. 

Step 8: Complete the Body

Drawing complete body of the snake.

Let’s complete the body by drawing a curvy body for the snake. Now, I want you to draw a curvy line parallel to the previews step that you made earlier. Make sure that this curvy line will meet at the bottom. You can make your snake longer if you want. Since snakes are known to be long bodies and flexible bodies. 

Step 9: Finish up!

Final step in drawing a snake with colors.

Hurray, you made it. Snakes say “Hiss” means Job well done. Now to complete your drawing let’s put color to your Snake. What color of snake do you like? Well, everything on this step will all be up to you. So, feel free to choose the color you love for your snake. Congratulations kiddo!


How to Draw a Snake 2

Simple steps in drawing a Snake.


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Coloring Material


Perhaps you saw a snake while visiting the countryside or on a visit to the zoo. Seeing this nifty reptile up close in person may have sparked an interest in the subject. Perhaps you read some books or watched some movies about snakes and now want to learn to draw them. Perhaps you spent some time coloring snakes and feel ready to move on to creating original artwork.

The valiant snake proves one of the easiest animals to draw since it only requires the curved line and the basic shapes. You can easily draw a snake by following the instructions in this drawing lesson. You need a pencil and paper.

Step 1: Draw A Small Circle

Drawing small circle for the snake.

Turn your paper so the wide side faces up, called landscape orientation. It should appear wider than longer. Close to the top of the page, about two inches of the way down the sheet, draw a small circle for your snake’s eye. You’re drawing him in profile, so only one will show.

Step 2: Start Drawing The Bottom of The Mouth

Drawing the mouth of the snake.

Beneath the circle, draw an s-shaped line on its side. The left side of the S should appear shorter than the right side. This forms part of the snake’s mouth.

Step 3: Draw the Tongue

Draw the tongue of the snake.

At the bottom tip of that line, draw a v with the point touching the end of the straight line and the two points of the V sticking out. Draw an oval that points slightly upward around the top edge of the tongue. This gives your snake its head. Draw a triangle with all sides the same size beneath the bottom of the oval, letting the edge of the triangle start just inside the oval. Make this line very light since you will erase it later. Draw a squiggly, S-shaped line from the top of the oval to nearly the bottom of the page. Your S should start on the outermost line shape of your oval.

Step 4: Draw The Outer Layer Of Its Body

Drawing the outer layer of the snake's body.

At the bottom tip of that line, draw a v with the point touching the end of the straight line and the two points of the V sticking out. Draw an oval that points slightly upward around the top edge of the tongue. This gives your snake its head. Draw a squiggly, S-shaped line from the top of the oval to nearly the bottom of the page. Your S should start on the outermost line shape of your
oval. At the bottom of your squiggly S shape, draw another oval. The bottom of the S line should be the bottom of the oval. This completes the inside lines of your snake.

Step 5: Draw The Inner Layer Of Its Body

Drawing the second layer of the body.

Starting under the snake’s mouth line, draw a line with a very slight curve that faces out. From the bottom of the curved line, draw a long line that follows the inside line. Follow the curve of the other line, matching it all the way around. Inside your nearly completed snake drawing draw a curved line of about three inches in length. This adds depth to its body.

Step 6: Finish the Tail

Simple steps in drawing a Snake.

At the bottom of your snake, you will draw two C-shaped lines. From the inside line of your snake, start drawing a C. Your inside line is the one you drew an oval onto to create a curve. You draw a second C-shaped line from the outside line of your snake. Angle the bottom tips of your C shapes to form a tip and close them. Now, you have a coiled, ready-to-strike snake.

You can learn how to color your drawing and many other snake drawings by visiting our amazing coloring collection, have fun!


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