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How to Draw a Crocodile in 10 Easy Steps

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Did you know that crocodiles could be the world’s champion chomper? They have the greatest bite force ever measured for living animals today. They are so strong that their bite force could rival that of a T-rex!

Crocodiles are dangerous animals but despite that kids love them for their strength and size. They are also often found in zoos so kids are fascinated and amazed to see these strong creatures up close with their own eyes.

Because of that, the Crocodile is one of the animals you can teach children how to draw. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to draw a cute crocodile. Have fun!

Step 1: Draw the Body

Let’s start by making the body of our crocodile. We do this by drawing a long and stretched-out oblong. You can make it as long as you can. This step determines how long our crocodile would be, so make sure you draw this step with that in mind. Fun fact, the largest crocodile is the saltwater crocodile. It can grow up to 23 feet in length and weighs up to 1,500 kilograms. It is large and heavy indeed!

Step 2: Draw the Tail

The crocodile’s tail is an important body part of the crocodile. Its large tail allows the animal to swim fast with a speed of 35 kilometers per hour (22 mph). Their powerful tail wades through water boosting their speed. 

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Now, let’s start drawing. We do this by drawing a curved line starting from the leftmost part of the body moving upwards. Do this again, but this part starts from the bottom leftmost part of the body moving upwards to meet the first line.

Step 3: Erase Extra Line

Let’s make our drawing cleaner by erasing the extra line. It is important to always clean your drawing before you proceed so that you will not get confused about how your drawing looks. Erase the one in between the two lines we’ve previously drawn in the last step. 

Step 4: Draw the Eye Guide

Crocodiles have interesting eyes. They are googly and circular in shape. But make no mistake! Because crocodiles always have a fierce look due to their eyes. With that being said, let’s start drawing the eyes of the crocodiles by drawing an eye guide.

On the upper right of your drawing, almost at the edge, draw two circles that are next to each other. The body of your crocodile should be in between the eye guides that you’ve drawn.

Step 5: Clean the Eye Guide

This next step is extremely simple. Nothing fancy, no hard strokes, only plain cleaning. Remember the eye guide you’ve drawn earlier? Yes, that one! We are going to clean the eye guide from the messy extra lines to pave the way for the eyes later on. So, to do this, simply remove the bottom half part of the eye guides and remove the overlapping line in between the circles.

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Step 6: Start Drawing the Eyes and the Mouth

Crocodiles have strong and long mouths. They use this certain part of their body to chew their unsuspecting prey and have them as their food. With that, let’s draw the mouth by drawing a zigzag line from the center of the rightmost part of your drawing. From the middle rightmost part, draw a zigzag line all the way through the first eye guide. Don’t make the mouth too long as it will disrupt your drawing.

After that, draw circles inside the eye guide you’ve drawn earlier. These circles will be the eyes of your crocodile drawing.

Step 7: Finish the Eyes and Mouth

In this step, we will be finishing the eyes and the mouth of your crocodile. Let’s start with the eyes first. Draw a small circle inside the eyes and shade them all black. Once you’re done shading them, carefully erase a very small part in the middle left so that it will look like the eyes are crescent in shape.

After completing the eyes, we then proceed to complete the mouth by drawing another zigzag line directly under the first zigzag line you’ve drawn earlier. By doing this, you now have both the upper and lower parts of the mouth.

Step 8: Draw the Leg Guides

Crocodile legs are short. But fun fact, the front feet have 5 toes on them while the hind feet only have four. Crocodiles use their legs to crawl, swim, and sneak up on their prey. And it’s now time for you to draw them.

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To start, you need to draw the leg guides first. To do this, draw two egg-like shapes on the bottom left part of the body. These shapes must be drawn next to each other. After that, draw another pair on the bottom right part of the body.

Step 9: Finish the Legs

You are almost done with your crocodile drawing! In this step, we will be completing the legs of your crocodile. Remember the egg-like shapes earlier? Yes! Those are the legs of your crocodile. All we have to do is clean them by clearing the extra lines.

So, from the overlapping line between the body and the leg guides, remove the upper part of the egg-like shapes. After that, remove the overlapping lines of the body. Then that’s it! You now have the legs of your crocodile.

Step 10: Finish up!

That’s it! You did a great job drawing your crocodile! Now, to finish things up, you just have to add color to your crocodile. Yes, you are still free to add any color you want to express your creativity. But you can also add the original color of the crocodile which is dark green.

Great job at finishing your drawing! Keep it up and congratulations!

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