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How to Draw an Iguana in 12 Simple Steps

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Iguanas, like humans, are diurnal. They are most active during the day and like to sleep at night. They are, nevertheless, arboreal, unlike us. This indicates that they prefer to spend their time in trees. They are excellent swimmers and are seldom far from a water supply. Because they use the water to protect themselves from predators.

Green iguanas have acquired a row of spines down their back and tail that they employ to defend themselves, which is another method they have evolved to assist them to stay alive. The tail, in particular, is an extremely powerful whip. Their hue aids in their concealment, allowing them to ‘disappear’ in the vegetation.

And now, it’s your time to learn how to draw an iguana with 12 easy steps!

Step 1: Draw the Head

Let’s get started. In Making the head get a medium-size disposable cup to get a perfect circle shape for the head. Trace another perfect circle shape for the body of your iguana. Make sure that the second circle shape will overlap on the right to the first circle that you have drawn earlier.

Step 2: Add More Guides

For us to make our iguana’s head and body good to look at, we must erase some part of the two perfect circles that we have drawn earlier. Remove the lines that overlap each other. Add one curve line on the left upper part of the head and a curvy triangle on the right lower part of the head.

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Step 3: Draw the Eyes and Tail

Iguanas are communicating by moving their eyes. Now let’s help them communicate with their family and friends, by tracing a small perfect circle in the upper right portion of the face. You can use a penny to get a perfect small circle for the eyes. From the lower part of the body draw a two-curve line going down and make those two-curve lines meet below. Those to curve line should look like a nail of an eagle. Then at the tip of the nail shape trace a small perfect circle.

Step 4: Erase Extra Lines

This time let’s draw one of the important parts. Now, remove the unnecessary lines to form the nose and mouth of the iguana. Erase the middle line that connects the curvy triangle to the circle. That small curvy triangle on the right side will be the nose. Then start drawing a line with a little curve at the end of that line. In the tail, draw a spiral curve line at the middle of the circle remove the inner line of the circle that separates the head from the tail.

Step 5: Add the base of the Legs

The next step that you’ll need to do is to make the base of the leg. Draw a small oval shape in the edge of the mouth and another oval shape below near the tail of the iguana. Then draw crescent moon shapes inside the eye guide. These crescent shapes serve as the pupil of the eyes.

Step 6: Draw More Patterns for the Leg

To emphasize the leg of your iguana, let’s add more shape to it.  Draw a curve line connected to the oval shape near the mouth and another curve line connected to the oval shape near the tail of the iguana.

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Step 7: Clean Up

Before we proceed to the next step, we must erase some lines to see the improvement of the drawing. Erase the lines that connect to the oval shape to the curve line you’ve drawn earlier and the same with other oval shapes below.

Step 8: Draw the Limbs

This time let’s draw some limbs in preparation for our next step which is the fingers. Now, draw a semi-triangle below the oval shape that you draw earlier. The semi-triangle should look like a fin of a fish and do it in the other oval shape near the tail.  

Step 9: Draw the Fingers

The next thing that you need to do is to draw the fingers of an iguana. The fin shape will be your guide in making the fingers of the iguana. From the fin shape,  draw a curved line that repeatedly doubles back on itself. Do it 3 times for the fingers.

Step 10: Draw the Toes

After completing the fingers on the top, let’s finish the other leg near the tail. Follow the outline which is the finfish. From the fin shape,  draw a curved line that repeatedly doubles back on itself. Do it 3 times for the fingers.

Step 11: Draw the Tree

Since iguanas are like to hang out in trees. Let’s draw a tree for your iguana. From the lower part of the mouth, draw a big oval shape connecting to the mouth of your iguana. Then draw another two oval shapes inside it. To finish this part, draw a big curve line connecting to the tail.

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Step 12: Finish Up

Great Job! You’re finally finished with your iguana. Now let’s make your iguana alive by coloring it. Get a brown crayon for the branch of the tree and a green for your iguana. Make sure to color it properly. After that, show it to your family and friends.

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