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How to Draw a Radish in 11 Easy Steps

Easy step in drawing radish.

The radish is a member of the Brassicaceae family of edible root vegetables that was domesticated in pre-Roman Europe.

There are many different types of radishes, each with its own size, color, form, and amount of time needed for cultivation. Radish has been grown as a root vegetable since before the Roman era. Radishes are now produced and eaten over the world because of their distinctive biting flavor.

Radish is an excellent source of vitamin C, which may aid in the prevention of disease and protect healthy cells from the ravages of harmful free radicals? This is accomplished by the body’s electrolytes and the natural antioxidant action of this vitamin, which boosts immunity and aids in the battle against various illnesses like high blood pressure and gout attacks. Along with adequate amounts of copper, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, and calcium, less noticeable elements that enhance radishes’ healthful qualities include folate, fiber, riboflavin, and potassium.

In this step-by-step lesson, we are going to discover how to draw a radish with basic drawing tools.

Easy step in drawing radish.


Step 1: Draw the Bulb

First step in drawing radish.

Begin this lesson by drawing the bulb using an oblong shape. Start the bulb by drawing a slanting oblong shape on the upper portion of your paper. It doesn’t matter if the oblong is not perfect, it can also be an irregular shape. After all, vegetables are organic and are not created using perfect shapes.

Step 2: Add the Pointed

Second step in drawing radish.

If you try to observe, radish has a pointed thing on the bottom part of the bulb. Add the pointed thing on the bottom part using a V-shape. Sketch a slanting V-shape on the lower portion of the bulb then make sure that the V-shape must be connected to the bottom part of the bulb. 

Step 3: Remove Lines

Removing extra lines in drawing radish.

Now that we are done sketching the bulb and the pointed bottom part, it’s time to erase some lines that we think it’s not important to our drawing. I want you to erase the lines in between the bulb and the V-shape. Make sure that after erasing some lines the bulb and the V-shape are still connected.

Step 4: Draw the Guide for the Stem

Draw the Guide for the Stem.

Let’s sketch the guide for drawing the stem using a slanting line. We do this by drawing a slanting line from the top portion of the bulb and then dragging it up. This line must be connected to the center, top portion of the bulb, and must be a little longer according to the reference image above. 

Step 5: Draw the Guide for the Leaves

Fifth steps in drawing radish.

After doing the guide for the stem let’s sketch some round shapes on the stem. This round shape will serve as the guide in achieving the leaves for the radish. Draw a bigger round shape on the top portion of the stem and a small oblong in the middle part of the stem. These two round shapes will overlap with the stem to stay connected and has a space in between them.

Step 6: Add the Round Shape and the Stem

Add the Round Shape and the Stem.

This time sketch a medium size of round shape and draw this in the middle part of the two rounds that you’ve drawn earlier. This round shape will slightly overlap with both round shapes on the top and bottom. Then sketch two slanting lines, one from the right side of the first stem and the other on the left side. Then, add an irregular line from the tip of the pointed part of the bulb then drag it down and form anything for the roots of this radish. 

Step 7: Remove Lines and Add Details

Seventh step in drawing radish.

In this step, we will erase all the lines that are found in the middle of the round shapes that overlap with each other but make sure they are still connected, and the stem is not included. Now, we are done with our first leaf. Let’s make the roots thicker by drawing another two irregular lines. Just simply follow the first lines that you’ve drawn in step six. 

Step 8: Add the two Leaves

Eight step in drawing radish.

Since we have already shown you how to draw the first leaf, now I want you to copy how to do it. For the left side just draw the curve on the other side since the other side is covered by the first leaf. For the right side Just draw a big, medium, and small round shape on the stem then do the same thing just erase the middle part of it. Don’t forget to erase the lines that overlap with the first leaf. Then add two eye guides on the middle part. Erase the line in the middle of the root.

Step 9: Add Details

Adding detail to the radish eyes.

The stems are so thin now that let’s add more lines to make them thicker. Start doing this on the tip of the stem then drag it down until it reaches the top part of the bulb. To look thicker just keep the distance on both lines on the middle and bottom part. Then draw the eyeballs in each eye guide and mouth under it.   

Step 10: Add Details

To emphasize the roots, sketch an up-down stroke in the bottom part of the bulb. Start doing the up-down stroke from the left side going to the opposite side of the bulb. Now, we have already separated the bulb and the roots.

Step 11: Finish up!

Final step in drawing radish.

Now that 10 steps are completed, let’s fully complete this by coloring your radish. All leaves are colored in green while the radish itself must be red. The root near the bottom of the image is slightly brighter. If you want to add more details then you may. Congratulations!

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