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How to Draw a Cloud in 9 Easy Steps

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The fluffy, beautiful objects floating in the sky are called clouds. Most of the time, when you glance up, you will see clouds of all sizes and forms, some like cotton balls, other snowmen, or butterflies, some having long hair, and many other shapes that are only constrained by your imagination. But have you ever questioned their composition, origin, or destination? For more information on clouds for kids, keep reading. 

Do you want to draw your own cloud? Come, let’s do it by following the steps below.

Step 1: Draw the Guide

Let’s get started by making a basic shape, a circle for the clouds. This circle will serve as a guide for drawing the clouds. Draw a not-so-big circle in the middle of the paper. You can use drawing material to trace a perfect circle for your cloud.

Step 2: Add More Circles

Now, let’s add more circles to our drawing. Make sure that these two circles will overlap with the first circle. If you have a hard time drawing this, you can find an object to trace a perfect circle for your clouds.    

Step 3: Add More Circle

Let’s add more circles to our drawing to complete the clouds. This time, we will make our circle a little bigger than before. These circles will overlap two each other. Your clouds will depend on how to arrange the circles.

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Step 4: Remove the Extra Lines

The next thing that you need to do is to erase the lines in your drawing. So, I want you to carefully erase the line inside it but not erase the outer curved line. After that, you’ll see the output of your clouds.

Step 5: Add the Sun

Clouds look better with the presence of the sun. On the upper, left portion of the clouds draw a half circle on it. That will serve as the sun. Make sure that the half-circle is still connected to the clouds.

Step 6: Add the Guide

To complete the sun, draw the guide of drawing the sun. Draw a bigger half circle on the upper portion of the small circle. Now, your drawing looks like a rainbow. This half-circle will help you a lot in the next step.

Step 7: Draw the Rays

Now let’s draw our Sun’s rays. We do this by making an up-down stroke from the small half circle going up to the big half big circle. Just continue the up-down stroke until you reach the other side of the sun. 

Step 8: Remove Extra Lines

Hurray, you are almost done with your drawing tutorial. In this step, we will erase the guide for making the ray of the sun. This is found on the upper portion of the rays. Make sure that when you erase it you will not include the rays. 

Step 9: Finish up!

We’re almost done! To finish up the drawing, color your clouds white or blue and for the Sun draw to color it yellow or orange. Did you enjoy the tutorial? Congratulations on finishing your clouds drawing. You can show this to your family and friends.  

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