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How to Draw an Umbrella in 9 Easy Steps

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The umbrella was initially created as sun protection and served as a prestige symbol for servants over royalty and other people of high rank. Coverings included feathers, leaves, paper, and silk, some of which had been oiled or varnished to make them waterproof. The ribs were originally composed of cane and then whalebone, but in the 1800s, steel and oilcloth were introduced, making the umbrella much more durable.

Do you want to draw your own umbrella? We created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an umbrella in 9 steps.

Step 1: Draw the Guide

Begin your canopy by drawing the guide to make it simpler. Sketch a big horizontal elongated oblong shape on the upper portion of your paper. The size will depend on the size of the elongated oblong that you made. So, If you want a bigger umbrella then you draw a bigger oblong but if you want a small then a smaller one.

Step 2: Add More Lines

To perfectly form the canopy let’s add a curve line on the upper portion of the elongated oblong shape that you’ve drawn earlier. If you are confused, try to check the reference image above. This will serve as the top portion of the umbrella.

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Step 3: Add Details

Sketch a horizontal line on the center of the elongated oblong. Make sure that the horizontal line will go beyond the elongated oblong. This will help you draw the curvy line of your canopy and make the process easier.

Step 4: Add More Details and Remove Extra Lines

This time, draw small, connected curved lines on the bottom part of your canopy. Start doing it on the left side of the canopy then draw 4 small curved lines to it. Make sure that the small curve line will reach the other side of the canopy. Then Erase the half oblong at the bottom after the horizontal line.

Step 5: Remove Extra Line and add the guide for the steel shaft

Now, I want you to erase the lines in between the short, curved line in the bottom part of the canopy. Then, draw a vertical line on the center of the canopy upper portion of the umbrella then drag it down, and the bottom part will slightly curve. This will serve as the handle of your umbrella.

Step 6: Add the Steel Shaft

In this step, we must draw the handle of our umbrella. Sketch the steel shaft by following the guide that we’ve drawn earlier. Make sure that the steel shaft is thick. Again, the bottom will serve as the handle of your umbrella this must be thicker than the pole. 

Step 7: Remove Extra Lines

Cleaning your drawing will help you a lot to make your drawing better. So, I want you to erase the guide on making the steel shaft of your umbrella to see the beauty of your drawing. This is found in the middle of the steel shaft. Please be careful about erasing the lines because you might erase the important ones.

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Step 8: Draw the Ribs

Ribs are the metal that you saw in the canopy and we will be using a long curved line for the ribs. Start the curved line on the top then drag it down to the tip of each small curved line on the bottom. Do this process until you finish putting all the ribs in the canopy.

Step 9: Finish up!

Hurray! We are on the last step of our tutorial so be excited because after this you’ll see your output. You can now color the canopy of the umbrella pretty/ handsome much as you. You can also follow the given image above. But you can also freely choose the color for your umbrella. Then don’t forget to color the handle and for the metal, you can color it with gray or white will do.  

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