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How to Draw The Sun in 6 Easy Steps

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Do you love playing outdoors on a bright and sunny day? Do you like to go swimming at the beach with friends and family? If you said “yes”, you should thank God we have the Sun. Without the sun, the earth would be a frozen and lifeless void. No plants, no animals, and no humans. This is why even if there are billions of stars in the galaxy, our Sun will always be the most special one for us on Earth. But make sure you don’t look directly at the Sun because it can hurt your eyes! 

If your child loves to draw, the Sun is the perfect object for them to start. It uses basic shapes and lines your child can easily follow. This tutorial is so easy that they’ll finish the drawing in just a few steps. Easy steps encourage them to love art and enjoy drawing.

Step 1: Draw the Circle Guides

Let’s draw your favorite animal, a cute panda with white and black fur. The first thing we do is to draw the To start, let’s draw a big circle in the middle of the page. After that, draw a smaller circle inside the big circle. These circles will serve as the guides for our Sun drawing.

Step 2: Add Eye Guides

After drawing the head, inside the circle, draw a medium-size circle in the center, lower part of the head. Today, we’ll be making a cute sun cartoon. So, let’s draw two circles side by side inside the smaller circle that we’ve previously drawn. Make sure that the left circle is small than the right one. These circles will be our Sun’s cute eyes!

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Step 3: Complete the Eyes

Let’s complete the eyes by drawing two smaller circles. Shade them with your pencil and then erase the left edge of the circle to create livelier eyes. Below the eyes, draw a curve starting from the bottom of the left eye to the right eye. Make it as curved as you like because this will be our sun’s wide smile. 

Step 4: Draw the Rays

Now let’s draw our Sun’s rays. We do this by creating a zigzag line from the inner point of the big circle inwards and upwards. We continue creating the zigzag line throughout the big circle. Do your best to create the zigzag line as uniformly as you can. 

Step 5: Complete the Rays

In this step, let’s complete the zigzag line we’ve previously made. After that, erase the big circle guide that we’ve drawn in the first step. As you erase, make sure you do not include the Sun’s rays. Fun fact: Did you know that the Sun is 93,000,000 miles (150 million kilometers) away from Earth. It is so far away that it takes 8 minutes for the Sun’s rays to reach the earth.

Step 6: Finish Up!

We’re almost done! To finish up the drawing, color your Sun drawing yellow or orange.

That was easy, right? Congratulations on finishing your sun drawing. Awesome job! Show it to your friends and family. 

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