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How to Draw a Bow in 9 Simple Steps

How to draw a bow.

A bow or ribbon is an accessory used to add beauty to your gift. These are widely used especially during special occasions. As it evolves, bows are not only used nowadays for presents but they can be also used as an accessory for the hair, especially for girls. Have you tried putting a ribbon on your hair yet?. We can create a simple drawing on this by following these easy steps.

So, to start your Bow drawing, simply follow these 9 easy steps!

How to draw a bow.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Make a circle.

How to draw a bow.

Let’s start drawing our bow by drawing a circle. This might seem basic, but this is the foundation of all the details you need in completing your bow. So, make sure that you draw the perfect circle.

Step 2: Add a Raindrop Shape

How to draw a bow.

Next, Add a raindrop shape on the left side of your circle created. Do this by drawing a curved line on the left part of the circle.

Step 3: Repeat Previous Step

How to draw a bow.

In this step, we will simply repeat what we did earlier. But this time, do the same on the other side of the circle.

Step 4: Add Another Raindrop Shape

How to draw a bow.

Then, we add another raindrop shape on top of your shaped ribbon. You can start adding this raindrop shape on the right side first.

Step 5: Add Another On the Left

How to draw a bow.

When you are done with the right side, add another raindrop shape on the left. Just make sure that all the shapes are of the same size.

Step 6: Add a Tail Guide

How to draw a bow.

We add a tail by making two straight lines starting from the bottom part of the circle. Make sure that in this step, you add the tail on the bottom right of the circle you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 7:  Connect Tail Lines

How to draw a bow.

We then complete the right tail by adding a mountain-like line on the bottom part of the two straight lines you’ve drawn earlier. And that’s it! You now have one of the two tails we need.

Step 8: Add Another Tail on the Left

How to draw a bow.

Just like the tail you did earlier, do the same on the other side but a little longer than the first that we’ve made. After doing this, you are then almost done! Keep it up!

Step 9: Finish up!

How to draw a bow.

As always, it’s fun to color our finished product! Choose any paint that you like. The colorful your ribbon is, the more beautiful it will be. After doing so, show it to your family and friends and let them know that you now can draw a ribbon! Good job!

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