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Free TREE HOUSE Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Every evening in the summer time, my grandchildren and I walk around our neighborhood. The walk is never complete until we have walked down the street that has an elaborate and amazing tree-house on it. The homeowners built the treehouse years ago but it so well constructed, that it has lasted through dozens of harsh winters, rain and ice storms, and very hot summer days. My grandchildren want one of their own and I am hoping that one day I can provide it for them.

Welcome to our collection of free TREE HOUSE coloring pages. Click the illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the download and/or print page.

Treehouse built within a very large tree with a kettle-like house hanging on a branch.


A very large house with a lot of stars, trees, and roads.


House built within an island with lighthouse and a pirate ship.


Illustration of a single house on an island with a lot of trees.


Treehouse build with a wooden ladder and a rope ladder.


Small treehouse built on a large tree with children playing.


Illustration of an island with logs and a lot of trees.


Single treehouse with children playing with each other.


Beautifully designed treehouse with a sloth hanging on a branch.


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When checking out the history of treehouses, there is no definite date that is recorded as to when the first one was built but there is evidence that leads us to believe that tree-houses have been around for centuries, possibly even as far back as the first century AD. Research suggests that the first treehouses were actually built as regular houses that were nestled up in the trees to prevent the people who lived there, along with their belongings, from being adversely affected by flooding that occurred in certain areas.

While some kids may have an actual treehouse in their yards, most kids do not so the next best thing is to be able to color pictures of these amazing structures. From an illustration of a treehouse built within a very large tree with a kettle-like house hanging on a branch and an ancient-style treehouse built on a large tree to a picture that features a very large house with a lot of stars, trees, and roads and another one that boasts a very large house with a lot of stars, trees, and roads, our collection of free printable tree-house coloring pages will keep your children busy for hours on end. These printable coloring pages will boost your children’s creativity, foster their imagination, as well as improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while keeping your child entertained. Whether your child is in preschool or you have an older child, they will enjoy these amazing free printable coloring sheets.

Adults will even enjoy these wonderful coloring pages that also include a picture of a treehouse with lots of balcony and intricate design, another that boasts a beautiful hut on an island surrounded by fruit trees, and another that includes a house built within an island with lighthouse and a pirate ship.

You can download each worksheet as a PDF to be colored on a tablet, computer, iPad, or phone, or your kids can color each tree house coloring page with a crayon, markers, colored pencil, or even use paints to create amazing pictures. Your kid can create a treehouse coloring book or create a magic tree house book that they can show their friend or family member. You can utilize each picture as clipart for other project for your preschooler, older child, or any of your family or friends who are art enthusiasts. You can print treehouse pictures for your students if you are a teacher to use as part of your lesson plan. The coloring pages that feature a beautifully designed treehouse with a sloth hanging on a branch, a log house with a chimney with lots of trees, or the one that boasts a beautiful log house built on an island can be changed up easily by adding a Santa Claus to make the coloring pages for Christmas.

These tree-house coloring pages are a great idea to use for a craft too and will provide a fun way for older kids or youngsters to learn and grow as they develop their imagination.

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