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Free SUSHI Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Sushi, some people love it and some hate it but it sure is fun to color. We have created several sushi coloring pages that feature sushi in all its glory.

Welcome to our collection of sushi coloring pages. Click the illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to a the download and/or print page.

Plate of sushi rolls (illustration). Includes chop sticks, wasabi and soy sauce.


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Sushi was first created in southeast Asia with the goal of increasing the shelf life of fish by placing it in fermenting rice. Sushi is a major part of Japanese cuisine and is created with smaller pieces of raw sushi-grade fish that are wrapped in seaweed and rice. The type of seaweed is called nori which is collected by fishermen with bamboo-style nets that they submerge into the ocean. While mass-produced sushi is available to purchase, handmade sushi is the best and most delicious. Soy sauce or wasabi are normally used to flavor sushi rolls that are even served on the Japanese National holiday of Japanese Constitution Memorial Day. It is held every year in May and there is no school for students and everyone celebrates.

There are several different types of sushi, including Nigiri sushi which is a fish topping that is served over top of sushi rice, a Maki roll, which is the fish surrounded by rice and seaweed and is the most popular version of sushi, Uramaki which is fish on the outside with the rice and seaweed inside, homemade sushi rolls that are made into cone shapes which are called Temaki, and sashimi with is just the fish without the seaweed or rice.

If you are new to eating sushi or a sushi dish or you’ve never tried it at all before, you may prefer one of the cooked types rather than raw sushi. If that is the case, you can simply order a California roll at a Japanese restaurant. It is made with imitation crab that is cooked and mixed with cucumber and avocado and just as delicious as the raw version.

Each sushi coloring page in our sushi coloring pages collection features different types of sushi, including kawaii coloring pages. They are great for all coloring artists, whether you are an adult, a teen, or a little kid. You can use crayons or get out your colored pencils, especially for our sushi print designs, and can even create your own coloring book, Japan’ booklet, or coloring booklet to show off to friends or to even use in the celebration of this good Japanese food to give to your adventurous eater as a gift or to celebrate Japan’s constitution. There are so many ideas you can use our sushi coloring book for or you can simply print each separate sheet to hand on your refrigerator or to frame and place on a desk or table.

There are a total of 25 coloring pages in our sushi collection that features a sushi roll with tuna and caviar, one with sesame seeds and salmon, and even one that features a Temaki sushi-related illustration. There is also an illustration of sushi and sashimi and a close-up of sushi rolls with chopsticks. Each picture is hand-drawn and with your coloring talents, can be the most beautiful pictures to use in so many ways.

Check out our sushi coloring pages to begin your coloring journey and create your own mini coloring book featuring the most beloved Japanese food in the world.

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