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Free SCORPION Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

One of the key points to school, public or homeschool, is teaching children about animals and habitats. Children learn what animals are in the air, sea, and on land. One of those areas deals with the various environments of deserts around the world. When you start to teach about this type of environment and habitat, you will run across a particular animal known as the scorpion. Here are some wants to teach about scorpions using coloring pages and how they can range from elementary levels up to high school levels. 

Welcome to our collection of free SCORPION coloring pages. Click the Scorpion pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Different Types of Scorpions

The first thing you can teach your students using scorpion coloring pages is about the different types of scorpions. There are hundreds of scorpion breeds. Some are poisonous and others are deadly. These scorpions range in a large areas of desert and even in some jungle environments. They are most popular in desert areas such as the Sahara and deserts throughout the Middle East and Africa. You can find multiple coloring pages showing the different species of scorpions and quick facts about each one. 

Different Desert Locations for Scorpions

When you say that scorpions are primarily in desert regions, you should also consider finding coloring pages that show the different regions. For example, the deserts found in Africa and the Middle East can be vastly different than those found in the United States. By helping your student understand the type of desert and which scorpions are in those specific locations, you can help their logic kick in and begin to decipher why those particular scorpions are drawn there. For example, it may be the food, the heat, or some other reason. These are all things students can learn as part of their studies. 

How Scorpions Eat

One way to teach about the life cycle of the scorpion is to find scorpion coloring pages that depict the types of foods a scorpion will eat. For example, some may eat bugs while others search out larger prey. It may interest your students to see how differently each species eats and how they react to humans. For example, scorpions sting humans and can be deadly to them. However, do they try to eat humans? Do they attempt to digest human blood or skin particles? All of this can become a unique study for your students. This will also teach them how scorpions survive. 

Different Body Parts of the Scorpion

One aspect of scorpions students needs to understand, especially if they are studying the lifecycle and biology of the animal, is the parts of their body. Finding scorpion coloring pages that show their body parts, have a labeling activity, and have coloring activities can greatly help your students. This will also help them identify scorpions later in life. Keep in mind, that each species of scorpion is different. Though there are certain body parts that are the same, some stingers and other parts may differ. You may also find the coloring of the body parts to be different. 

Full Booklets

If you want to make a full unit study from the scorpion coloring pages, you can do this by mixing up the pages a bit. You can have some basic coloring pages mixed in with activity and coloring pages. You can also find scorpion coloring pages that will show the different habits and blend those into the unit study. Don’t forget to add pages that allow your students to write about what they are finding. Their own journal entries on the unit study can greatly affect how they learn. This is especially true when you go back and have them use the coloring page books as an oral presentation or as a study guide for an upcoming test on the different scorpions and their living environments. 

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