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Free SANTA CLAUS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

As Christmas approaches, we all have one thing that we are thinking about, getting our presents delivered by Santa. Our kids are anxiously thinking about what they should ask for. Moreover, if they’ve been good enough to avoid being put on the naughty list. Whatever we may think, there’s no denying that there is a festive season that is looming. Having these Santa Claus coloring pages should get us and the kids more and more excited to learn more about him. Let’s plunge into some interesting things that we should learn about Santa in our coloring pages.

Welcome to our collection of free SANTA CLAUS coloring pages. Click the Santa Claus pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Santa Claus coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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1. He Was Real in a Way

The thing is that the Santa that we know who makes toys and delivers them with a sleigh that we see in our coloring pens is based on a real-life person. Around the year 270 AD, there lived a Bishop in Myra, a small town that we now call Turkey. St Nicholas was known around this town for being a bearer of gifts. He delighted in gifting children. When he passed on, he was recognized as a saint for children. As time went by, he became synonymous with our favorite Santa Claus. This is why sometimes we’ll notice that Santa is also known as St. Nicholas. 

2. A Poem Introduced the Reindeers

In 1823, an anonymous poem was published in New York State. This poem combined Christmas and Santa. If it weren’t for this publication, chances are we wouldn’t have fused Christmas and Santa the way that we do. Fortunately, this happened because this poem helped to bring our beloved and sleigh pulling reindeers. Moreover, it was important for adding distinct attributes to our Santa. This is why we can create these fun coloring pages and use a variation of colors to bring our Santa to life. 

But, Rudolf the reindeer didn’t exist until 1939. Thanks to a copywriter who saw it fit to create a reindeer with a red nose. So, when we spot and color in a red nosed Rudolf, we should remember that he is the youngest out of all the characters. 

3. Christmas Trees are a German Tradition 

Sweeping up pine needles is not as entertaining as when we color them in our pages. If we want anyone to blame, or to thank for dealing with pine needles during the Christmas break, we should consider the Germans. It’s a little-known fact that Germans love decorating their trees. Around the time that Prince Albert and Victoria got married, tree decorating was adopted by the English. Since then, it jas grown in popularity. We all look forward to decorating our trees and placing gifts under them. So, we should extend our thanks to our German friends when we have to recreate coloring and sparkly Christmas trees that are in our Santa coloring pages. 

4. He Got Married in the Late 1800s

A short story by James Rees introduced our modern day Mrs Claus. Before that, the idea of a married Santa seemed farfetched. But now, when we go through our coloring pages, we’ll observe and color a few pages with Santa and the ever so lovely looking Mrs Claus. In fact, there is little known evidence that the real life St Nicholas was ever married. Thankfully, a short poem by renowned author, Katherine Lee Bates, helped to popularize our Mrs Claus. In this poem and in our coloring pages, she is seen riding a sleigh on her own. This means that Santa Claus had been a bachelor for a long time before he found his life-long partner. In our coloring pages, we should enjoy bringing life to Santa and his wife. 

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