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Free GHOST Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Even when it isn’t Halloween, you can have fun coloring ghostly pictures. Ghost coloring pages might seem challenging to kids since you supposedly cannot see ghosts. How do you color something invisible? The answer to making the coloring page come to life with vibrancy is that you color all of the other items on the page, such as a Halloween pumpkin, haunted house, or spider web with a giant spider.

Welcome to our collection of free GHOST coloring pages. Click the Ghost pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Ghost coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Illustration of a ghost climbing the stairs while disguising as a man.


Wendy surprising Casper with her broom filled with flowers.


Illustration of Casper the friendly ghost splashed into the water while trying to save a cat.


Illustration of a judge angrily speaking to Casper the friendly ghost.


Three happy ghost talking with each other while flying on a full moon.


Cute ghost wearing a hat coming out of a large pumpkin.


Two frightening ghost coming out of a house during a full moon.


Two smiling ghost coming out of a house with a zombie walking on the back.


Casper flying with his friend ghost riding on a flying broom.


Illustration of multiple ghost doing different normal things.


Once you decide whether you want to color a scary ghost or a cute ghost, you only need to choose your printable Halloween coloring sheets and other materials. You might use colored pencils or pens, crayons, watercolor markers, or pastel sticks to color these printed Halloween coloring pages.

Don’t despair ghostbuster if you have no printer. You can still color these coloring sheets by downloading them, then opening them in a free drawing or painting program. Windows computers come with Paint 3D. If you have an Android mobile device, try Kids Doodle or, for Apple devices, Adobe Fresco. They are all free. These simple-to-use programs let you choose from the color palettes provided, which usually equals a package of about 120 crayons. The Windows program lets you choose from any known color. You can create digital art with your ghost coloring page! That makes it easier to send to your grandparents.

Whether you use a digital method or crayons, you will probably have more than just your ghost on your spooky coloring page. Choose an orange or reddish-brown for your pumpkin. You can use a gold or darker yellow when coloring the face or expression part of a carved pumpkin.

The main challenges to coloring a ghost picture include finding a way to get your ghost to stand out and adding some texture to it. If you color your ghost using a white or light silver crayon, you build up the color, and its waxy texture will add shininess to the ghost’s image.

Adding glitter to your ghost provides one fun idea. You can turn your coloring pages into Halloween crafts by doing this. Either silver or gold glitter glue on a ghost picture really makes it shine. If vampires can shimmer, ghosts can sparkle.

You can also choose to not color the ghost at all. This works well as a choice if you print on white paper. When you color all of the other items on the coloring page, it causes the ghost’s image to stand out.

This includes coloring your page’s background. You might choose to make it a night sky and color it either black, dark gray, or blue.

Many of these ghost coloring pages include a castle or haunted house on them. You can color the windows of these buildings yellow or gold to show that the lights are on inside the building.

You might color stars in the sky gold, yellow, gray, or silver. Using a little glitter on them can add a #D effect to your picture and make it seem that your stars twinkle.

In a graveyard setting, you could color the wood crosses either tan or brown. Your gravestones should be your favorite shade of gray. You can make them light gray, so they seem new, or dark gray and weathered to seem like an ancient grave.

Make your grass green or blue-green. Hills would usually appear gray or brown. In a beach setting, you could use a light tan color for sand.

Some ghost coloring pages have other characters on them, including humans, cats, bats, and monsters. You can have fun with these characters, coloring them as you like.

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