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Free CHRISTMAS Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

‘Tis the season to be jolly with our fun Christmas coloring pages! They say Christmas comes but once a year. However, you can enjoy merry moments anytime by downloading and printing these free coloring sheets. They have all the elements that make Christmas such a magical time – Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, plus more!

Welcome to our collection of free CHRISTMAS coloring pages. Click the Christmas pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Christmas coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Santa Claus sliding on a chimney while holding his bag of gifts.


A young boy trying to wear his boot while sitting on a round chair.


Santa walking away holding a gift while looking at Rudolph.


Illustration of a walking Santa bringing a bag of gifts while looking at a flying chubby bird.


A large deer standing on top of a roof near the chimney.


Illustration of shining Christmas balls hanging on a Christmas tree.


A large snowman surrounded by animals wearing scarf and winter hats.


A wizard doing doing a magic show with his wand to a mixed group of animals, teddy bear, and a young elf.


A woman holding a staff looking at a baby on a manger with two hares and a dog on the side.


Illustration of two elves arranging multiple gifts to a pyramid.


Two young elves excited to open a gift on a snowy field.


Santa giving a gift to an awake baby with her mom on the side on the bed.


Two kids riding a sleigh with two hares on the front and one snowman on the back.


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Bringing You Some Holiday Cheer

Does your child get excited about Christmas? Most people do. There’s an infectious mood that spreads everywhere around Christmas time. Families get together, gifts are exchanged, mistletoe hangs everywhere, and wonderful memories are made. That’s why your child is sure to love our Christmas coloring pages. 

They will be able to relive the joy and cheer of Christmas with some coloring pens. Our coloring pages show various Christmas-themed scenes and beautiful drawings. They are all in black and white, and while we all love a white Christmas, these pages need some vibrant color to complete the look. Spark your child’s creativity and invite them to create colorful images that evoke the spirit of Christmas.

To kick-start the fun, scroll down and select your printable PDF, bring out the coloring pencils, and you’re good to go. Rinse and repeat as many times because there are enough Christmas coloring pages to go around!

Stress-free Christmas Coloring Pages for Free

If you have children, it’s essential to have interesting Christmas activities lined up. Thankfully, keeping the little ones entertained and busy doesn’t always have to be expensive. Our Christmas coloring pages are free and will keep your kids entertained for long stretches. 

Make sure you’re all stocked up on the right colored pencils. Your child will need plenty of green coloring pencils for those Christmas trees and evergreen plants. They will also need red for Santa’s suit, gifts, tree ornaments, and the outfits worn by elves. Besides the traditional red and green, kids can use any other colors, depending on what tickles their fancy.

Help Your Child Explore the Magical World of Christmas

Kids have such amazing imaginations, and their belief in Father Christmas and the North Pole is what makes Christmas so magical. If your child loves to leave cookies and treats for Santa before going to bed, they will undoubtedly love the free Christmas coloring page that shows Santa climbing down the chimney with a big bag of gifts. They will also love the Christmas coloring sheet of Santa Claus flying over chimneys on his way to deliver gifts. 

But Santa Claus is not the only exciting thing about Christmas. You can help your child explore the beauty of Christmas by downloading various coloring sheets that include elves, a snowman, a Christmas tree, and kids frolicking outside on Christmas day. These are the most joyful things about Christmas, not only for kids but also for parents. Everyone gets to share n the fun!

Keeping Your Child Entertained With More Coloring Pages

Verbnow is your one-stop shop for all your coloring pages needs. We highly recommend our Reindeer coloring pages if you’re looking for other pages with a holiday season theme. Reindeer are fascinating animals that are fun to color and learn about. Then there’s also our Halloween coloring pages. Halloween is another holiday that’s always a hit with the kids because of all the candies and thrills. 

Trick or treating can be fun, but our Halloween coloring pages can keep your child and family just as entertained. Another great option to check out is our Easter egg coloring pages. Easter holidays are not complete without Easter eggs, so we’ve made sure to give you something that will entertain the kids when the school season is out. Happy holidays!

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