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Free RAT Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

When looking at animals, there is always more to them than meets our initial gaze. One of the most prejudiced against animals out there in the rat. However, they are fascinating creatures. Many people find them to be pests. Rodents, however, make up forty percent of the animal population. Is it any wonder why Rat Coloring Books are all the rage? Studies find they’re intelligent.  They are also friendly and empathetic. Rats are very social, smart, and emotional creatures. Here are some interesting things that you should know about them. 

Welcome to our collection of free RAT coloring pages. Click the Rat pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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They have a Diverse Range of Emotions.

At the University of Chicago, they did a study. Peggy Mason found out that they display empathy towards their fellow rats. They gave them a choice. They could save a mate. Or, get a piece of chocolate. Surprisingly, when given these options, they choose to save their buddy. They decided to save a rat who was stuck in a cage, before grabbing a piece of chocolate. Rats love chocolate. The scientists were surprised by the results. The level of empathy they displayed was truly astounding.

They’re Very Loving and Affectionate  

On top of being empathetic, rats can be loving and cuddly. Research shows that they have the ability to be as emotionally complex as other high-functioning mammals. They enjoy snuggling just as much as dogs do! They can be amazing pets. They love to be picked up and petted. This is another reason why Rat Coloring Books are so popular. 

They Actually Laugh! 

They even enjoy the feeling of being tickled. They can also laugh! This is when they are in a good mood, however! Humboldt University in Germany did research on this. While tickling, they heard a high-pitched sound. Upon further examination, they found it to be similar in pitch to laughter. They giggled and their hind legs moved in motion while being tickled. The rats laughed and even did a “joy jump,” which is a phenomenon where the front and back legs move in tandem when tickled. 

They are Brainier than we Initially Thought! 

There are many reasons that we use rats for cognitive testing. In some tests, rats outperform humans. Researchers use them because they are highly intelligent creatures. When presented with change, rats proceed with caution. They present neophobia like other higher functioning animals do. This is a fear of things they aren’t used to. When something new is introduced to a rat, they become suspicious. They present signs of caution. They do this until they become familiar with the new situation or object. They can also be trained. They can also learn their names and other words. All of these signs point to them being higher functioning mammals!

They Have a Vital Role in our Ecosystem 

Rats have an important role in our planet’s ecosystem. They are integral to the balance of forest growth. Rats have a role in promoting trees to grow. This is because they hoard seeds. They place them underground to eat later. When they don’t return, these seeds grow! This spurts new vegetation of all kinds! They also kill many disease-ridden pests and mosquitos. They are also known to be very clean animals, which is another bonus! 

They Display Characteristics of Morality

A study done in Lisbon about rats from a sociological point of view captured something interesting. Rats were put in pairs of two. One was a partner, while one was the helper. They put them in a maze that was double T-shaped. The rat with the “helper” role had a choice to make. They could either 

  • Touch a door with a pellet of food just for themselves.
  • Choose or tap another door to receive a pellet of food for both parties.

In 14/15  cases, rats chose food for two! Only one rat in the study chose the first door that was just for him/her! This shows they have morals. These are reasons why Rat Coloring Books are a great choice for both children and adults. 

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