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Free MINECRAFT Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

Since the advent of the popular game Minecraft, millions have tried out the popular world-building game and become enthralled. Now, over a decade old, the game is still gaining fame and fans daily. The game has provided memorable characters and villains distinguished by their iconic blocky appearance. Children and adults will find hours of fun while coloring some iconic figures from the popular game. These printable Minecraft coloring pages will bring hours of enjoyment for all ages.

Welcome to our Minecraft coloring pages catalog. We offer many free Minecraft-themed coloring pages. Print and/or download as many as you want. Just click the illustrations you want and you’ll be taking to a page where you can print and/or download them. Enjoy!

Two Minecraft characters with one of them holding a pickaxe.


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The Characters of Minecraft

While the game has expanded and become incredibly popular, there will always be iconic characters associated with Minecraft. Here are some of the most memorable mobs and characters that players will enjoy coloring.

Ender Dragon: Any player of Minecraft will recognize the first official boss of the game. This flying mob is massive and can really cause some havoc to players. The Ender Dragon is one of the most iconic characters of the game.

Creeper: Players will instantly recognize the hostile mob called Creepers. These kamikaze mobs will sneak up on a player and blow themselves up. Players learn quickly to watch out for creepers.

Ghasts: No list would be complete without including these huge floating bad guys. The ghasts float around and shoot fireballs at the players.

Enderman: The Endermen are neutral mobs that drop valuable resources when defeated. The Endermen also have teleportation powers.

Wither: The Wither is the second boss created in the game. Wither is a three-headed monstrosity that is deemed as one of the most dangerous mobs in the game. Players will recognize and love printable coloring pages depicting Wither.

Wither Skeleton: Wither Skeletons are iconic hostile mobs that can antagonize players of Minecraft. These Skeletons originate in Nether fortresses and are dangerous to players.

Zombie: All players will recognize Zombies in Minecraft. These are one of the most common and iconic villains of the game.

Skeleton: Regular skeletons are another of the most common hostile mobs. However, the skeletons use ranged attacks that can harm players from a distance.

Wolf: The wolves of Minecraft are neutral mobs that can be tamed and used to help the players of the game. The wolves are iconic and useful Minecraft characters, and definitely should be included amongst the coloring sheets.

Steve: Steve is one of the main playable characters of Minecraft. He is the most iconic player and is often depicted in popular culture as a symbol of the game. Of course, there should be coloring pages depicting Steve.

Alex: Alex is the other playable character as the default female. Alex is slightly smaller than Steve with red hair and a green tunic.

Types of Minecraft Coloring Pages

The world of Minecraft has exploded into popular culture, and kids or parents who are fans of the game will love coloring some of the most iconic characters from the game.

Fans can enjoy coloring some of the most recognizable mobs like the skeletons, zombies, Enderman, ghasts, or Creepers. There are also coloring sheets depicting the infamous Ender Dragon and other baddies from the popular game.

Also, other parts of the world are available on some coloring sheets. Fans of the game will enjoy coloring cows, horses, dogs, wolves, pigs, or spiders. Of course, there are also pictures depicting Steve and Alex the iconic main characters of the game.

Fill a rainy afternoon with lots of creative fun with printable Minecraft coloring pages. Kids who love the game will also love coloring some of their favorite characters and parts of the world.

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