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Free FARMS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Farm life is different from city life. It’s slow-paced but still busy, calmer, and some say a lot more fulfilling. While most adults and kids rarely get to experience farm life, our farms coloring pages will give you a charming glimpse into what life is like when you live on a farm. 

Welcome to our collection of free FARMS coloring pages. Click the Farm pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Farm coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Experience the Good Ol’ Farm Life With Our Free Coloring Pages

Living on a farm is about as close as most people get to nature while still enjoying the convenience of civilization. In a way, it feels like going back to your roots because that’s how our ancestors survived thousands of years ago. They cultivated crops and domesticated animals. It was a simple but beautiful life where humans lived in harmony with the earth and its creatures. 

But if you try and explain that to a child born and raised in the city, they won’t understand the magic of farm life. For instance, I have a granddaughter who used to think that tomato was a flavor that came with her favorite chips and that the cheese in mac and cheese came straight from the factory. The good thing is, I finally set the story straight with her using these farms coloring pages.

It was a joy to teach her all about farm life and the things she never knew. It’s true she was eventually going to learn about where food came from in the classroom, but I feel like it was more fun to learn through coloring. Kids are never short on imagination, and painting the blue skies, green plants, and brown earth really helped her visualize farm life.

I explained how there’s always something to do on a farm and why it’s important that everyone chips in. City life is soft and comfortable, but farm life will teach you to work hard since there are always a thousand chores waiting to be done. Someone has to milk the cow and collect the eggs while another drives the tractor and plants the garden. Other chores include weeding, harvesting, baling hay and hauling it to the barn, and looking after the animals.

It’s not always about hard work because, as I said, with farm life, you’re right at home with nature. You’ve got plenty of fresh air, and you’re not a slave to the fast life or traffic congestions. Most farms are run as a family business which is always nice and means life is more meaningful and never gets boring.

You have access to nourishing and fresh food harvested from Mother Nature. It’s wholesome living at its best, and each farm coloring page is designed to show kids and adults that beautiful other side of life.

Discover More Country Living With a Variety of Farm-Themed Coloring Pages

Agriculture is more than just growing crops. Our free printable farms coloring pages also enable kids and adults to explore different farm animals. We have a farm animals coloring page that shows a cow grazing in the fields and another where a boy gazes at a sheep in a paddock. Kids and adults can learn so much about the importance of farmers and how they are responsible for food production. 

They also learn about the farm ecosystem and how a specific animal like a chicken, lamb, pig, goat, horse, or duck fits into that ecosystem. Since there’s so much to learn from these coloring sheets, we recommend downloading and printing a bunch.

You then create a farms coloring book for the little ones to work on whenever they need the entertainment. Each illustration shows a farm scene that can be animated with color to emphasize everything beautiful about farming.

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