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Free LITTLE MERMAID Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

If you love The Little Mermaid, why not try these coloring pages? The beloved Disney fairytale comes to life in these pictures: you can color brave and beautiful Princess Ariel, handsome Prince Eric, protective King Triton, and the scheming sea-witch, Ursula. And don’t forget Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle and all the loyal and funny friends you remember from this colorful story!

Welcome to our collection of free LITTLE MERMAID coloring pages. Click the LITTLE MERMAID pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every LITTLE MERMAID coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Here comes rebellious Princess Ariel with her fiery red hair and aqua scales! What colors will you use to create her bright eyes and joyous songs? She sings about how much she longs to be part of the human world—to walk, to run, to wander free. Let your favorite utensils wander across the page. Give the colors a voice!

What’s The Disney Movie About?

Princess Ariel has a crush on the human, Prince Eric. He’s a dashing fellow with his brown hair and dark eyes. He likes to sail the seas with a crew of fellow soldiers. When a storm strikes, Ariel swims to save him, singing him safely onto an island shore. Color that moment, like a dream, when he wakes to the sound of her song. If only he could find that girl—that voice—again!

King Triton is Ariel’s father. Why not color his long white beard (I knew there was a reason for that white crayon), and his golden triton, that powerful magic wand, and symbol of the sea kingdom? He certainly has a powerful temper when he finds out Ariel’s visiting the human world. Can you color his flashing eyes as he scolds her?

In desperation, Princess Ariel visits Ursula, the sea witch. Get your dark crayons ready to color her inky octopus tentacles! She sings a tempting song: just your voice in exchange for a chance to woo the human…but only if he kisses you before sunset. Remember Ursula’s sneaky henchmen (hench-eels?), Flotsam, and Jetsam? Color their glowing eyes and mischievous smiles as they slide off to ensure Ariel doesn’t succeed….

Luckily, Princess Ariel has her own loyal friends helping to arrange a kiss with the prince. Sebastian with his red crab shell and red-hot voice, warns Ariel not to go but then croons a tune to set the mood. Use your favorite colored pencils to color Princess Ariel and Prince Eric in a sunset bower surrounded by singing sea creatures. It’s a seaside romance with a Caribbean chorus. Go on and kiss the girl! But no…the eels upend the boat and keep the kiss from happening.

It’s a close call for evil Ursula who uses Princess Ariel’s voice to transform herself and sing a spell on Prince Eric. Don’t do it, Eric! That dark-haired beauty he wants to marry is the sea witch in disguise! But Ariel has no voice to tell him he’s making a mistake. Even her friends can’t convince the ensorcelled prince. What will happen if the sun sets and Ariel loses her voice forever? King Triton has taken on his daughter’s debt. He’ll be reduced to a tiny sea anemone as Ursula seizes the king’s triton and swells to the size of a sea monster. Use your utensils to call up a storm of colors when it looks like all is lost.

Lightning, rain, waves. What will Prince Eric do? The ship’s broken mast becomes a spear. Relive Eric’s brave triumph over Ursula in these Little Mermaid coloring pages. The storm is spent and the sun returns, coloring the ocean brilliant blues and greens. Use your favorite crayons and colored pencils to color King Triton’s tears as he says goodbye to Princess Ariel and her prince. With his blessing, she becomes a human princess. Color her wedding in gold and white with a splash of colors as her loyal sea friends sing her happiness in the human world.

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