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Free GUINEA PIG Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Guinea pigs exude cuteness in everything they do, from taking little nibbles out of food pellets to brushing their little faces with their tiny little paws. They’re gentle and infinitely lovable, making them great house pets when under the care of a responsible owner. With a few digital coloring pages featuring guinea pigs, the adorableness will explode when combined with creativity and artistry.

Welcome to our collection of free GUINEA PIG coloring pages. Click the Guinea Pig pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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How to Color a Guinea Pig

In the real world, guinea pigs come in a few shades of brown, black, and white. These common animal colors blend in with a wide variety of surroundings. Matching the real world exactly definitely isn’t necessary for coloring pages, but a quick search will reveal the colors of the most common variations. For example, the American guinea pig has a light brown or tan coat with white coloring around its face. Splashes of red, yellow, and orange can add unique sparkles to the guinea pigs without looking unrealistic. Some have a notably distinct nose in light pink, but others have a nose that blends in more with the surrounding fur.

Other breeds of guinea pigs that are great inspiration include:

  • the American crested guinea pig looks like a miniature cow with its orangish-brown body and spot of white.
  • the Silkie with its luxurious long hair comes in typical guinea pig colors.
  • the American Satin guinea pig with soft fur in dark gray and black.
  • the Silkie Satin guinea pig features the long hair of the Silkie with the darker colors of the Satin breed.
  • the Abyssinian with its tufty fur and broad, vertical bands of brown, black, and white.

There are plenty of other kawaii guinea pigs out there to serve as inspiration, so feel encouraged to spend extra time staring at cute pictures of these pocket-sized pals.

For more outlandish guinea pigs, start by trying the desired color combination using the pattern of a guinea pig variety. Going back to the American guinea pig, it could have a pure white body with a cute pink face, a bright purple body with a regal golden face, or a fierce red body with a blue face. Then try adding variations like ornate patterns, cool accessories, or cutie marks to set them apart.

Using Digital Guinea Pig Coloring Pages

The fastest and easiest way to use guinea pig coloring pages is by printing out multiples at once. Unlike purchased coloring books, multiple children (and adults!) can work on the same page at the same time. Not everything should be done in exactly equal portions, but setting up a coloring party is much easier when everybody has a chance to color the picture they want.

Quickly printing out a few guinea pig coloring pages is a fast and simple way to creatively use an activity block, but digital guinea pig pages give parents and older children a world of new opportunities to express that creativity. Digital assets are easier and cheaper to manipulate thanks to the wide variety of free photo editing tools like GIMP. With a download and a few clicks, it’s possible to merge multiple digital coloring pages into one scene.

After learning the basics of modifying an existing image, it becomes easier to create your own custom guinea pig images. Small edits to the basic shapes can change an expression or a pose for a completely different scene, and eventually, you can draw completely original digital artwork.

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