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Free FERRET Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

I enjoy coloring after a long day. Sitting down, colored pencils or markers in hand, with animal coloring pages helps me to relax and get rid of the stresses of the day.

I look for coloring pages that adults could enjoy; I love to buy animal coloring pages for the children in my family, as well. I found a coloring pages book with ferrets, so I bought it. Some people enjoy raising ferrets — they are a different kind of pet. 

Welcome to our collection of free FERRET coloring pages. Click the Ferret pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Why is it so fun to Use Coloring Pages?

Getting to sit down, choose the colors I want, and then color a page gives me a sense of satisfaction when I finish. I sometimes stop coloring so I can look at the whole page. As I do this, I notice how the colors complement each other and give the picture some life. 

Some coloring pages have individual shapes. Others have flowers. I am drawn to animal coloring pages because they are more personal. As I color the individual parts of the animal, I see their eyes just gleaming with life. I really appreciate being able to choose my own colors for the picture I’m coloring.

Do People like to Color Ferrets?

I’ve seen people in stores, browsing through coloring books. While some might choose books with shapes, flowers, or other designs, I have seen more people choosing animal-themed coloring books. 

I started talking to one of the women, who was choosing a coloring book. The book she held had ferrets. She told me that she likes to color these animals because of their unique personalities. I also found out that one of her siblings raised ferrets while they were children. I learned that her experiences with ferrets led her to choose ferret coloring books.

What are Ferrets Like?

Ferrets are small, cuddly animals. They can be found in several color patterns, including albino. Albino ferrets have white underfur and guard hair. Their eyes, skin, and lips are likely to be pink. Albino ferrets are also more likely to be deaf than ferrets with other color patterns.

Other ferret colors include black, black sable (not truly black), champagne (shades of brown), chocolate or tan), and chocolate-brown. cinnamon (light brown), white with dark-brown eyes (not albinos), and sable.

Once I learned this, I knew that I would be able to let my imagination loose as I colored each ferret page. 

These sweet animals also have color patterns, which allow me even more creative freedom. These include blaze, dalmatian (white with black spots), heavy silver or pewter, mitts (white paws with guard hairs of another color), panda, and roan (white with guard hairs of another color), Siamese, like the cat, solid, and a standard pattern. 

What Kinds of Coloring Scenes have Ferrets?

While ferrets are mostly domesticated, it’s okay to find ferret coloring pages with different types of scenes. These may include a human’s home. Other coloring book scenes may have the ferret in an outdoor setting, such as in a field of grass and flowers. They may also show up on a farm or even in the zoo. 

Children’s coloring books with ferrets may have even more settings. For instance, if the coloring book has a story theme, the ferret may be found in a forest or even a ferret house built inside a tree — that is cozy! My imagination has just cooked up a story idea, featuring Frannie Ferret and her friends. Maybe they could live in a tiny wooden hut, with a straw roof. This coloring book might also lead Frannie and her friends through several adventures.

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