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Free EASTER Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

One of our favorite things to do around the Easter holidays is to have fun with an Easter egg hunt. But, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves where this comes from? Why is a bunny laying candied eggs for us to enjoy on this day? What is the relation between a bunny and Easter holidays? There is so much for us to learn about one of our favorite holidays. This is why our Easter coloring pages are a great idea for us to learn more about this holiday. Let’s read on to find out all these interesting facts about one of our favorite holidays. 

Welcome to our collection of free EASTER coloring pages. Click the Easter pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Easter coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Reasons Why Easter is a Great Holiday 

1. Our Easter Baskets Have Symbolic Meaning 

We all love to organize our Easter eggs and other sugary snacks into small woven baskets. Yet, we hardly ever stop to ask about why it has become tradition to use woven baskets instead of any other type. In our Easter coloring pages, we have these woven baskets in different shapes and sizes, all the better to make the coloring more interesting. But, woven baskets have a special meaning in our lives around this time of the year. When we fill them to the brim with our Easter eggs, they represent new life. They carry the same meaning as egg nests when they have to nurture eggs until they hatch. In addition to all of this, they make it easy for us to carry all of our eggs in one container. 

2. American Ham vs Jewish Lamb

In the olden days, Easter was a special occasion for what used to be traditionally known as Jewish passover. Historically, the main feast during supper on this day would be lamb. However, as time went on, Americans decided that ham would be a better suited alternative. Another interesting thing about ham is that it wouldn’t have been a good idea back in the days. The thing is that ham used to be cured in winter. This meant that it could only be ready to be eaten around Spring time. 

3. Lilies are a New Thing

Over the years, we have found a way to make lilies part of our Easter celebrations. But, we only started adding lilies in our woven baskets after World War 1. Before that, they were dominant flowers in England and Japan. The main reason why we now see lilies and other beautiful flowers as part of our Easter coloring pages is that they also symbolize rebirth. In addition, they give us a sense of hope around this time. These are the two main themes that have taken center stage in our Easter celebrations. 

4. Easter Clothes are a Thing

There are many surprising superstitions around this time of the year. One of these is the new clothes that we love to get for our kids and ourselves. One of the oldest beliefs is that if we buy new clothes and wear them on this day, our year would be filled with lots of good luck. We go to church and have family gatherings while strutting our new clothes for a valid reason. In New York City, the Easter Parade and the Bonnet Festival became the main events where people had the opportunity to enjoy this tradition the most. 

5. Easter Eggs are Ancient 

Out of all the things that have remained the same throughout the history of Easter, are the eggs that we love so much. They give us so much to do in our Easter coloring pages because they come in all the colors that we can think of. In fact, Easter eggs as a tradition date back to Medieval Europe. 

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