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Free ANGEL Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

What better coloring pages that you find for you and your kids than these angel coloring pages? Angels are one of the most fascinating supernatural species in the entire world. They’re always immersed in miraculous stories. There are people who claim to have encountered them. While others don’t believe in them. But, chances are that your kids have lots of stories to share with you about angels. This is why getting them angel coloring pages should add more character in your lives. You should read on to find out what’s interesting about angels and some amazing fun facts that your kids should enjoy.

Welcome to our collection of free ANGEL coloring pages. Click the Angel pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Angel coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

A beautiful angel wearing a long dress while playing the violin in the sky.


An illustration of an angel wearing beautiful robes while playing her trumpet in the starry night sky.


An illustration of a beautiful angel walking in the garden with flying butterflies.


An illustration of a cute angel with a halo surrounded by thick clouds and stars.


An illustration of a snow globe with an angel wearing a dress surrounded by stars.


A beautiful young angel wearing a long dress while floating and folding her hands to pray.


An illustration of an angel sharing a good news to the shepherds taking care of the sheep.


An illustration of an angel of justice stepping on the head of a demon while raising her sword.


An illustration of an angel holding a flower while floating beside a woman praying.


A loving angel wearing a flower wreath folding her hands to pray with a young girl.


An illustration of a mighty angel holding a spear to pierce the skin of a dragon.


A cute little angel with beautiful wings and a halo floating in the clouds surrounded by stars and flowers.


An illustration of two angels peaking through the clouds to look at the flowers.


A cute young angel talking with the butterfly, insects, and the frog.


An illustration of a beautiful angel closing her eyes and wearing a dress with butterfly design.


A beautiful angel floating peacefully while wearing a long floral dress.


A cute sparkling angel wearing a floral dress and holding a dove.


An illustration of a cute little angel wearing old clothes holding a small coud.


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What’s Interesting about Angel Coloring Pages?

It doesn’t matter their age, your kids are generally fascinated by angels. The biblical mystery surrounding angels is enough to get your kids interested in coloring pages with different types of angels. If you’ve been teaching your children about the ethereal nature of angels and how they are the protectors of the universe, then getting some coloring pages should be all the fun that you can imagine. Since the Bible tells us that angels are indeed real, then having some colorful pages dedicated to angel drawings should help to explore what you and your kids think angels are supposed to look like. 

Interesting Facts About Angels

1. Angels Were Created First

Did you know that before God created man, he created angels? The more learning that you do about angels, the more you’ll realize that they lived long before the first man and woman were created. In fact, God lived with angels in heaven, and they were His hosts. 

2. Angels Eat Food

Are you surprised by the fact that angels eat the same food that you eat? Throughout the Bible, there is a reference of how angels used to feast with ordinary people like you. For instance, they eat manna which is considered the bread for angels in the Bible. However, there are other instances when they eat ordinary bread. 

3. Angels Are not Perfect 

When you think about it, there are a handful of angels that sinned and rebelled against God. These are the angels that chose to follow Lucifer when he decided to cause a rebellion against God in heaven. Yet, God forgave them even though they had shown Him that they’re easily swayed. This goes to show that angels are also not perfect, just like you and everyone else in this world. It’s okay if you find yourself making honest mistakes. As long as you forgive yourself once you’ve learned your lesson. 

4. There Are Different Kinds of Angels

You’d be surprised to find that angles can be grouped according to different types. The following are the 5 types of angels that you should find referenced in various scriptures. 

  • Archangels 
  • Common angels
  • Cherubim 
  • Seraphim 
  • Living creatures 

These angels are then grouped according to their hierarchy. The archangels are the ones that rank higher than the rest. 

5. Angels Can’t Get Married

Even though angels also have free will, you should know that they don’t get married. Jesus also made this clear. Unlike with humans, angels and marriage don’t go hand-in-hand. In fact, when you get to heaven as well, you can’t get married. 

6. Some Angels Don’t Have Wings

Do you remember that story when an angel visited Abraham? When you read the story again you’ll realize that there’s emphasis on how these angels looked more human like you than what you would assume angels look like. They didn’t have any wings. They just walked like how you do. These are special kinds of angels that God sends to you when you least expect it. 

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