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Vehicle Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printable Downloads)

About our vehicle coloring pages

Use these coloring pages to teach your child about cars, trains, trucks, and tractors. Help them learn to recognize different modes of transportation by coloring these pages.

These free printable coloring pages provide you with a multitude of projects for your child to color. They can use colored pencils or pens, crayons, watercolors or watercolor markers.

This collection of coloring pages provides you with many easy coloring pages for younger kids and some more challenging and complicated ones, such as vehicles on the road with other vehicles and landscaping. This provides the opportunity for using all 64 colors in the large crayons set and a terrific opportunity to teach your child color theory, too. More complex coloring pages offer many chances to blend colors. You can teach your kids about hues and shades. On trees, for example, various pieces of bark are different colors. You might have three or four colors of brown on a tree.

You can also teach them which colors are opposite of one another and do not look good together. For example, blue and orange really don’t seem well matched. Some colors go better together, such as red and white or cream. Yellow and brown complement one another and blue looks good with gold.

You can use silver glitter to color the headlights and the same color on your vehicle’s windshields. The cars, trucks, and other vehicles can be any color you like, but you might get your mom or dad to help you look at a car manufacturer’s website so you can see what color the latest vehicles are. You can use blue, black, red, orange, yellow, white, and gray. Pink cars are pretty rare, but Cadillac does make them.

Use glitter markers to draw racing stripes on the car or truck. You can also add black racing stripes down the vehicle or create numbers on the side to make it look like a racing car. Add smoke coming out of the back of a muffler to make it seem that the vehicle is racing.

Many vehicles will drive on the road in a city. The city sky isn’t quite as blue as the country sky. Some cities have smog, or the weather makes it consistently cloudy. You can color those skies gray or use a blend of  grays to make them look accurate.

There’s a mini-collection of tractors. You can color these many colors, but if it’s a John Deere tractor, green is the normal color. You need a forest or deep green. Make the grille bright yellow.

Other tractors come in many colors. Typical shades include black, gray, or blue. Some of these pictures have barns and farmhouses in them. Barns usually get painted bright red, while farmhouses get painted blue, yellow, or white. You can add trim in a matching or contrasting color.

Some of these have farm animals with them. You can look at a book to learn what colors cows, horses, and chickens are. Don’t forget that roosters are usually red.

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