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Free TOM AND JERRY Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

The famous Hanna Barbera cartoon Tom and Jerryprovides the hilarious antics of a cat and mouse. I feel that Tom and Jerry are two of the most famous frenemies ever to grace the screen. Despite being on television for decades, Tom and Jerry are a couple of cartoon characters still getting new adaptations in the 21st century. I can still remember waking up early on Saturday morning to watch Tom and Jerry. It is one of my favorite cartoons, and it always seemed to keep me glued to the television. That is why this collection of Tom and Jerry coloring pages will provide such an excellent activity for families.

Welcome to our collection of free TOM AND JERRY coloring pages. Click the Tom And Jerry pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Tom And Jerry coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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If you have toddlers or preschoolers who have discovered these adorable cartoon animals, then some Tom and Jerry coloring pages will be excellent options to divert your child. Check out these printable coloring pages featuring Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse and all of their friends.

A Little History of Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry debuted in 1940, and in the subsequent 60 years, the show has received many prestigious awards and rivaled other famous cartoons. The cartoon hilariously illustrates the age-old rivalry of a cat and mouse. The show has received Academy Awards and television awards and is one of the highest-grossing cartoon franchises to date. The show has inspired video games and toys and into feature-length films. Tom and Jerry’s most recent live-action hybrid movie was released in 2021 in theaters.

Coloring Tom and Jerry

Your kids will love coloring Tom and Jerry in a lot of hilarious situations in our printable coloring pages. It seems that wherever these two show up, the place turns into a battleground. Whether they are in the kitchen, the living room, or outside, Jerry is duping Tom, or Tom is pursuing Jerry. Print off one of these coloring pages to let your children join in the antics of this mischievous mouse and confounding cat.

In the cartoon, several recurring characters interact with Tom and Jerry. One of the most famous of these is Spike the Bulldog. Spike is portrayed as a tough dog that Jerry regularly flees to get away from Tom. Often, this puts Tom in a precarious situation where he gets walloped by Spike. In our collection, you can see Spike spiking a volleyball right onto Tom’s head.

Another recurring character is Nibbles. Nibbles is Jerry’s nephew, and when he comes to visit, the laughs are twice as good. You will recognize Nibbles in the coloring pages as the mouse wearing a diaper. Your kids will love the coloring pages featuring nibbles. Whether the mice are trying to steal Tom’s dinner or having fun in the tub, your kids of all ages will love coloring Nibbles along with the other characters in these Tom and Jerry coloring pages.

As I stated earlier, Jerry and Tom are excellent examples of frenemies. Sometimes, Tom is chasing Jerry intending to gobble him up. But, at other times, the two can be seen together enjoying themselves. Many of the coloring pages in our collection showcase Tom and Jerry participating in activities together. Take a look at Tom and Jerry water skiing together. Other pages showcase the two celebrating holidays, like Christmas, in a very amicable fashion. While they are at odds at times, they enjoy activities side by side. So stock up on coloring pencils, markers, and crayons. And, get ready for some mayhem with these delightful Tom and Jerry coloring sheets.

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