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Free TRAIN Coloring Pages Your Kids Will Love (Download PDFs)

Want to get your preschooler to talk to you? It’s not hard to do. All you need to do is mention one of three topics: dinosaurs, fictional princesses, or trains. Once you’ve done that, your child will handle the rest. You may not even have to say another word for next half an hour or so. 

Welcome to our collection of free TRAINS coloring pages. Click the Train pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Train coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Illustration of a bullet train running through a tunnel.


Illustration of a swift train with a sharp edge and a beautiful design.


Illustration of a freight train carrying a single car on a sunny day.


A cute train with house-shaped cars running on a sunny day.


Illustration of a modern train running through mountains.


A train equipped with a wedge plow cutting through snow.


Illustration of a traditional train getting ready to travel.


Illustration of a fast-moving modern train on a sunny day.


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Still, if you want to take the conversation up a notch, one of the best ways to do that is through coloring. A coloring page can give you and your child an activity to do together, and it’s both simple and inexpensive. The key is to find a coloring page that reflects your little one’s interests. Thankfully, there are plenty of pages to choose from. 

Take these train coloring pages, for instance. No matter what kind of trains your child likes best, you’ll be sure to find the perfect train coloring page for your kid to color alone or with you. 

Why Kids Love Trains 

Train coloring sheets may be your go-to activity for your toddler, but what is it about trains that fascinates kids so much? Why trains and not, say, rowboats or some other form of transportation? What makes a train coloring sheet better than any other type of image or game?

Several factors come into play here. Testosterone may play a role, for instance. At least one study found that babies with higher testosterone levels were more likely to have a train obsession. 

Then again, preschoolers can also love trains because trains are just fascinating. They take up space and have a lot of moving parts, so what’s not to love when you’re a preschooler? Add names and faces to those trains, put them on an island called Sodor, and they also become beloved characters. 

In any case, trains build STEM skills, and coloring builds fine motor skills, so train coloring pages are a win-win for parents of small children. 

Types of Train Coloring Pages 

No matter how much your child loves trains, they may still get bored coloring the same picture over and over again. You’ll want some variety with your printables. Thankfully, you won’t have to visit too many sources to find what you need. VerbNow, for example, has several types of coloring pages on a single webpage. All of them are bold and clear, with defined lines that make coloring easy. They’re printable for instant access, so you won’t have to drive to the store for a coloring book. Most importantly, all of these coloring pages are completely free, and you can access them any time you want. 

Contemporary and Traditional Trains 

Some children enjoy old-fashioned trains. They love steam engines, locomotives, and the click-clack sound of wheels on a track. Others like contemporary trains. They love the speed and sleekness of a bullet train or other electric engine. Of course, plenty of kids love both. VerbNow’s coloring pages include all sorts of trains, from the most old-fashioned engines to the sleekest trains of today. 

Landscapes and Scenery 

A mix of scenery is always a bonus when it comes to coloring pages. Big skies, mountains, and fields are fun for preschoolers to color. They let children make wide strokes and cover a lot of space with their crayons. With both daytime and nighttime scenes, children get even more variety when they color. 

Every Child’s Favorite Train 

Of course, no train coloring set would be complete without the world’s most famous very useful engine. These coloring pages include images of Thomas the Tank Engine chugging happily along the tracks. This way, train-loving children can add color to their favorite character. 

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